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We made beautiful music

Last night’s Guitar Hero: World Tour competition and social night was super fun.

Turn-out was a less than normal (just over 20 people – maybe people were intimidated by the music-game-ed-ness of it all), but it didn’t matter one iota.

I’m not sure that any words written here could do it justice, so I’ll just leave it to videos (on our brand new YouTube channel!) and photos.

Here’s a compilation video of how the evening progressed:

And here’s the complete encore performance of the competition winners, Rainbow Stance:

Finally, here are the photos (I was very conscientious to take a lot of photos this time!):

Note: Know of any other local games community/industry videos/groups on YouTube? Let us know so that we can add them to our favourites list!

Guitar Hero competition and social night on tomorrow!

Let’s Make Beautiful Music (our August social event) is on tomorrow night (Tuesday, 25 August 2009), and features a Guitar Hero: World Tour competition in addition to the usual socialising, networking, and general good times.

If intending to enter the competition, you can register your band by commenting on this site or using the contact page – or just ROCK UP on the night and register at the door.

Clearly bands will primarily be playing for the eternal glory of being the GREATEST (Guitar Hero) BAND IN PERTH. However, the winning team will also recieve this copy of Guitar Hero: On Tour for Nintendo DS:


Entry is FREE, so you have nothing to lose! Here are the competition rules:

Bands of 4 people are encouraged but not required. A mic stand will be provided in the case that a singer wants to play an instrument as well. Bands can choose to perform any song from Guitar Hero: World Tour that are 6 minutes or under in length. The minimum difficulty for any instrument on any song is Medium. The tournament will be elimination based on points, with the exact structure determined by number of entrants.

Bands will be scored on 3 criteria with a total of 30 points possible per performance:

  • Accuracy – Divided by 10 and rounded down to nearest .5, i.e. 89% = 8.5
  • Difficulty – Awarded by judge, based on the difficulty of the song in relation to band skill, bands can increase difficulty on easier songs with play styles for more points (i.e. using touchboard only, blindfolded playing, crazy solos)
  • Performance – Awarded by judge, how exciting and entertaining the performance was by the band, including style, attire, audience engagement, energy,etc.

If a band is bringing their own instruments they must be compatible with the Xbox 360 and arrive by 6:45pm so they can be sync with the system.

Thanks to Dan and Anthony for putting these competition rules together! Let’s make this another awesome event! 😀

Update: Know someone keen on Guitar Hero or interested in the local game development scene? Spread the word! We’re a volunteer-run non-profit group, so any publicity (eg. posting to forums or your blog) helps and is greatly appreciated!

Let’s Make Beautiful Music

Our August event is just one week away

and we’ve decided that it’s time to ROCK OUT! with a Guitar Hero World Tour competition. There’s even a prize for the winning team!


  • Title: Let’s Make Beautiful Music
  • Time/Date: 7:00pm – 10:00pm, Tuesday, August 25, 2009
  • Location: The Velvet Lounge, 639 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley
  • Description: The usual catch-up-over-drinks with a friendly Guitar Hero World Tour competition thrown in for good measure!
  • Links: Facebook event page. (Also feel free to join our Facebook group to be notified of future events).

Here’s the event flier (click on the flier for a printable version), aka your personal invitation. 😉


As with all of our events, the primary purpose is always to provide a casual environment for local game developers and enthusiasts to meet, exchange ideas and knowledge, catch-up, and generally just have a good time.

Don’t be afraid that there will be nothing for you to do just because you are planning on entering the competition!

Note: If you are keen to participate in the competition, you can register your band in the comments section (just mention your band name and number of people).

July social event wrap-up

Reminder: Can’t get enough of local scene events? IGDA Perth are running a Design Theme Night! It starts at 7pm tonight (Tuesday 11 August) at the usual venue (The Velvet Lounge).

Our July social event, What’s That in Your Pocket!?!, was a great night for local gamers and developers.

The theme for the evening was “portable gaming” and the main focus was on a number of locally developed iPhone games. The night started off slowly as we worked through some technical problems (audio) and hardware setup (laptop and projector).

Here’s picture of us setting up:

dscf3601 (Modified in GIMP Image Editor)

Unfortunately, I was too busy to take more photos when the night got going! As always there were a few early arrivals and we ended up with 40 something people after the official start time.

Dharmesh from GameTraders (Carillon City and Carousel) brought a couple of PSPs so that people could get hands-on with Dissidia: Final Fantasy months before it is due to be released. He brought along a few prizes and ran a low-key impromptu tournament. Final Fantasy fans rejoiced!

A number of local game developers brought their iPhones and iPod Touches in order to causally show off their games. After an hour or so, we switched the projector over from the Dissidia tournament to promotional videos from local developers.

  • DrewFX showed off their recently released surfing game, Surf Prodigy, and spoke a little about technical and legal issues in bringing it to market.
  • RocketHands teased their upcoming (first) iPhone game, RocketFuse. They also committed to an easy-to-remember release date of 09/09/09!
  • Staring Man announced that the latest update to their iPhone game, Pools of Blood, features music from local band Karnivool.

Surf Prodigy and Pools of Blood are available now on the iPhone Apps store, so support our local developers and check them out!

Thanks to GameTraders, all the local developers who brought along videos, and everyone for coming along and supporting these local scene events. Our next event will be on Tuesday 25 August… and it will be music-themed. 😉

For handy reference, here are the videos shown at the event:

What’s That in Your Pocket this Tuesday night!

Our pocket-gaming social event is on tomorrow night (Tuesday July 28) so be sure to make your way down to The Velvet Lounge at 7:30pm.

Let’s Make Games events are fun social get-togethers for local game developers and gamers. It’s great to catch up with the local scene and see what people they have been working on, and there’s always a friendly atmosphere for curious newcomers.

The original event announcement has all key information, but here are a few new highlights

GameTraders (Carillon City and Carousel) will be bringing along two PSPs for a pre-release demonstration of Dissidia: Final Fantasy. One PSP will be connected to a projector for general viewing. Dissidia: Final Fantasy is scheduled for local release in September.

A number of local games companies will be demonstrating their latest iPhone games. This includes Surf Prodigy by DrewFX and RocketFuse by RocketHands. Also attending (and possibly demonstrating) will be game developers from Istpika, Spinfast, Staring Man, Subversive Games, Black Lab Games, Interzone Entertainment, Sandbox Software, and Kruger Heavy Industries.

Crewjo are looking for local mobile game developers and may make a brief announcement. Finally, GO3 will be announcing a special opportunity for local developers to showcase their work and to network with other companies at the upcoming GO3 Electronic & Entertainment Expo in October.

We hope to see you there!

We apologise if we missed mentioning any developers who plan to demonstrate and have RSVP’d. Feel free to bring along short promo videos (on a USB stick) for our video loop.

Update: Anthony will be bringing Bomberman for multi-player wireless DS gaming tonight! 😀

What’s That in Your Pocket!?! (July event)

Our next event is just two weeks away and it is definitely one to attend if you are into portable gaming. 😉


  • Title: What’s That in Your Pocket!?!
  • Time/Date: 7:30pm-10:30pm, Tuesday July 28, 2009
  • Location: The Velvet Lounge, 639 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley
  • Description: A FREE social event. Check out the latest locally developed iPhone games. Bring your DS or PSP for wireless multi-player gaming. Play Dissidia: Final Fantasy in our exclusive pre-release demonstration.
  • Links: Facebook event page. (Also feel free to join our Facebook group to be notified of future events).

Flyer (click image for print-ready .pdf file for display on a notice-board near you!):


We are very happy to be returning to The Velvet Lounge in Mount Lawley (they are always so good to us). Be sure to bring your iPhone, DS, or PSP (and your games!) if you would like to partake in wireless multi-player gaming. Otherwise, just bring yourself (and some friends) to have a look at various iPhone games developed right here in Perth!

Japanese RPG fans may be especially excited to know that GameTraders (Carillon City and Carousel) will be bringing along two PSPs for the exclusive pre-release demonstration of Dissidia: Final Fantasy! We’ll have one of the PSPs hooked up to a projector so everyone can see what the game is like (even if they don’t get a chance to play)!

Hope to see you there! 😀

Note: We are inviting local game developers to showcase their games either as part of a looping video reel or live at the event. If you have not heard from us and would like to submit something for display, please use the contact page. We always like meeting new people!