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About Let’s Make Games


Current Committee

Let’s Make Games (LMG) is an initiative to foster the growing game development community of Western Australia.

Executive Committee Members:

  • Matt Dyet, Chair
  • Kimberley Larking, Vice Chair
  • Brendan Ragan, Treasurer
  • Rin McBeath, Secretary

Ordinary Committee Members:

  • Jess Watson, General Operations
  • Jon Hayward, General Operations
  • Brett Cullen
  • Nick Haslam
  • Imogen Kaal
  • Mark Thompson


Constitution Objectives

LMG is a non-profit association incorporated in July 2011. We support the game development community of Western Australia (the Community) by achieving our Constitution objectives:

  • to hold events that engage the Community and the interested public;
  • to record and showcase significant activities and achievements of the Community;
  • to maintain a website with information relevant to the Community, and the interested public;
  • to maintain an online presence to facilitate communication within the Community, and with the interested public; and
  • to raise the profile and advocate the interests of the Community.

For more information on the game development community of Perth, please browse our website and follow our collected links (to local games companies, other local associations, and related websites).

For all inquiries (eg. additional information, sponsorship, donations, consultancy), please don’t hesitate to contact us.


The History of Let’s Make Games

Former (but still loved) committee members:

  • Nick Lowe, Founder
  • Minh Tran, Founder
  • Richard Kong, Original Secretary
  • Anthony Sweet, Original Treasurer & Operations Manager
  • Ben Hammersley, Photographer/Videographer
  • Chris McCormick
  • Dan Eichling
  • John Parker, Chair (2016-2018)
  • Brad Power, Secretary (2016-2019)
  • Ben Curran, Chair (2018)
  • Wesley Lamont, OCM
  • Kitty Byrne, Vice Chair (2016-2019)

Originally started by Nick Lowe and Minh Tran (members of local community group, OneTwenty) in early 2009, Let’s Make Games grew to a four person operation with the addition of Anthony Sweet and Dan Eichling (who has since moved to the United States) in mid-2009. The following year, Richard Kong and Ben Hammersley joined as official videographers and Chris McCormick also came onboard as Let’s Make Games formed a close relationship with the Perth Independent Game Makers’ Initiative (PIGMI). Richard later went on to join the LMG Committee, taking on the role of Secretary.

Then in May 2011, Let’s Make Games set to become an official Incorporated organisation! As Let’s Make Games Inc., the organisation continued to support the local community with annual showcases and developer events…

2011 Newspaper clipping that reads "Advertisement of intended application for incorporation of Let's Make Games Inc.

Following the 2013 games showcase, Jess Watson joined the General Operations team alongside Anthony, to assist with events and write news content for the site. To further celebrate the games and developers of our fine state, the annual showcase became the Perth Games Festival in 2014. This initiative, coordinated by Anthony Sweet, acts to share locally-made games and give the wider community an opportunity to  connect with WA developers. In 2015, Anthony scaled back his role with Let’s Make Games, and Jon Hayward (a developer who has provided support to LMG and the game dev community for many years) stepped into the General Operations team.

Early in 2016 founders Nick and Minh, alongside Secretary Richard, stepped down from their positions in the Committee after many years of service to the Western Australian game dev community. The new members, unanimously voted in by existing members, were John Parker (Chair), Kitty Byrne (Vice Chair), Brendan Ragan (Treasurer), Brad Power (Secretary). Additional Ordinary Committee Member roles were also voted in unanimously, with Jess Watson and Jon Hayward of the General Operations Team, and Wesley Lamont joining.

In the years that followed, the committee expanded further with Kimberly Larking and Brett Cullen joining the team as Ordinary Committee Members. In 2018, John Parker wrapped up his role as Chair and Ben Curran, who had long been with LMG in the form of the Perth Games Festival Volunteers Coordinator, joined to support the organisation as it transitioned. At the beginning of 2019, Ben wound back his involvement and Kitty stepped in as the temporary Chair to lead the organisation to it’s next committee meeting.

In the latest committee arrangement, several community members has come forward to further their involvement with Let’s Make Games. Matt Dyet has taken on the role of Chair, Kimberly Larking as Vice Chair, and Rin McBeath as Secretary. Imogen Kaal, Mark Thompson and Nick Haslam have also come on board as Ordinary Committee Members.



Let’s Make Games exists because of the involvement of the Western Australian game-making community, and we would like to thank all those past and present who have supported the organisation. If you are interested in helping to support LMG and our work in the local games space, please do not hesitate to Contact Us!


Photograph of the Perth city skyline in 2011
Perth has evolved a great deal in the years since LMG was formed, and so too has the game development community of WA!