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Month: July 2009

Trivia Night write-up and… photo

Last Tuesday’s Videogame Trivia Night was our biggest event thus far. The venue was bigger, the prizes were bigger (well, there were prizes for a start!), and the turn-out was huge (almost 100 people!).

GameTraders (Carillon City and Carousel) came onboard to assist in ticket sales (an immense help!), and WALAN kept attendees happy with around $200 worth of bar prizes handed out throughout the night.

After settling into tables and ordering pizzas, the night consisted of four rounds of questions with a half-time break. We started off with Old School questions, which led nicely into the New School round. After the half-time break, Casual questions created a false sense of a security before the the ultimate final boss stage of the HARDCORE round seperated the gamer elite from the general gamer population.

At the end of the night, the scoreboard revealed that the “Twitter Shitters” were our champions, followed by “PowerUp” (only 1.5 points behind!) and former Videogame Trivia Night champions “Sid Meier’s Quiz Night” taking out third place:


Given the positive response, we are planning to make Videogame Trivia an annual event. So join us next year when we see if the reigning champions can defend their title!

For those of you who couldn’t attend, here’s a little piece of trivia night that you can try right here on the website. Name the characters depicted below:


The top score for this challenge was 10/10. How did you do? (Answers after the jump).