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What’s That in Your Pocket this Tuesday night!

Our pocket-gaming social event is on tomorrow night (Tuesday July 28) so be sure to make your way down to The Velvet Lounge at 7:30pm.

Let’s Make Games events are fun social get-togethers for local game developers and gamers. It’s great to catch up with the local scene and see what people they have been working on, and there’s always a friendly atmosphere for curious newcomers.

The original event announcement has all key information, but here are a few new highlights

GameTraders (Carillon City and Carousel) will be bringing along two PSPs for a pre-release demonstration of Dissidia: Final Fantasy. One PSP will be connected to a projector for general viewing. Dissidia: Final Fantasy is scheduled for local release in September.

A number of local games companies will be demonstrating their latest iPhone games. This includes Surf Prodigy by DrewFX and RocketFuse by RocketHands. Also attending (and possibly demonstrating) will be game developers from Istpika, Spinfast, Staring Man, Subversive Games, Black Lab Games, Interzone Entertainment, Sandbox Software, and Kruger Heavy Industries.

Crewjo are looking for local mobile game developers and may make a brief announcement. Finally, GO3 will be announcing a special opportunity for local developers to showcase their work and to network with other companies at the upcoming GO3 Electronic & Entertainment Expo in October.

We hope to see you there!

We apologise if we missed mentioning any developers who plan to demonstrate and have RSVP’d. Feel free to bring along short promo videos (on a USB stick) for our video loop.

Update: Anthony will be bringing Bomberman for multi-player wireless DS gaming tonight! 😀

What’s That in Your Pocket!?! (July event)

Our next event is just two weeks away and it is definitely one to attend if you are into portable gaming. 😉


  • Title: What’s That in Your Pocket!?!
  • Time/Date: 7:30pm-10:30pm, Tuesday July 28, 2009
  • Location: The Velvet Lounge, 639 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley
  • Description: A FREE social event. Check out the latest locally developed iPhone games. Bring your DS or PSP for wireless multi-player gaming. Play Dissidia: Final Fantasy in our exclusive pre-release demonstration.
  • Links: Facebook event page. (Also feel free to join our Facebook group to be notified of future events).

Flyer (click image for print-ready .pdf file for display on a notice-board near you!):


We are very happy to be returning to The Velvet Lounge in Mount Lawley (they are always so good to us). Be sure to bring your iPhone, DS, or PSP (and your games!) if you would like to partake in wireless multi-player gaming. Otherwise, just bring yourself (and some friends) to have a look at various iPhone games developed right here in Perth!

Japanese RPG fans may be especially excited to know that GameTraders (Carillon City and Carousel) will be bringing along two PSPs for the exclusive pre-release demonstration of Dissidia: Final Fantasy! We’ll have one of the PSPs hooked up to a projector so everyone can see what the game is like (even if they don’t get a chance to play)!

Hope to see you there! 😀

Note: We are inviting local game developers to showcase their games either as part of a looping video reel or live at the event. If you have not heard from us and would like to submit something for display, please use the contact page. We always like meeting new people!

Trivia Night write-up and… photo

Last Tuesday’s Videogame Trivia Night was our biggest event thus far. The venue was bigger, the prizes were bigger (well, there were prizes for a start!), and the turn-out was huge (almost 100 people!).

GameTraders (Carillon City and Carousel) came onboard to assist in ticket sales (an immense help!), and WALAN kept attendees happy with around $200 worth of bar prizes handed out throughout the night.

After settling into tables and ordering pizzas, the night consisted of four rounds of questions with a half-time break. We started off with Old School questions, which led nicely into the New School round. After the half-time break, Casual questions created a false sense of a security before the the ultimate final boss stage of the HARDCORE round seperated the gamer elite from the general gamer population.

At the end of the night, the scoreboard revealed that the “Twitter Shitters” were our champions, followed by “PowerUp” (only 1.5 points behind!) and former Videogame Trivia Night champions “Sid Meier’s Quiz Night” taking out third place:


Given the positive response, we are planning to make Videogame Trivia an annual event. So join us next year when we see if the reigning champions can defend their title!

For those of you who couldn’t attend, here’s a little piece of trivia night that you can try right here on the website. Name the characters depicted below:


The top score for this challenge was 10/10. How did you do? (Answers after the jump).

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