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The Page – December Meetup

Image Text: The Page. In the background is a set of glasses resting on a keyboard, with a pile of books behind it. The image is scratchy, and appears as though it is placed on parchment paper. Image links to The Page facebook event page.

Prepare your mind for a discussion of all things narrative design this Saturday, at the final meetup of The Page for 2017. This free meetup event is open to everyone who wants to talk about this engaging world of writing, including (but not limited to) game designers, interactive writers, screenwriters, narrative mechanics… and YOU.

“Let’s talk about how writing and narrative design can be used to create, or help enhance, those moments in all things game related! Be it stylistic choices that build up a sense of the new and unknown, story beats that are based around surprise and excitement, or how narrative design can work together with things like level design to help players feel excited about the little things they find in the game world.”

What: The Page – December Meetup
When: Saturday, 9 Dec. 1pm – 3pm.
Where: 48 Lake St, Northbridge
RSVP: via Facebook event

The Page is a regular event that runs on the first Saturday of each month, so be sure to join their Facebook group if you want to get involved with future interactive discussions!

The Page: August Meetup

Image Text: The Page. In the background is a set of glasses resting on a keyboard, with a pile of books behind it. The image is scratchy, and appears as though it is placed on parchment paper. Image links to The Page August facebook event page.

Interested in interactive writing? The Page is a Perth-based meetup for writers, narrative designers and creatives who are involved or interested in games and digital storytelling. Their next event is on Saturday, August 5th and the theme of their discussion is “Repeats”.

Remakes, remasters, sequels, prequels – it’s obvious gamers love playing in familiar worlds. But should we be encouraging return play? As developers, are we required to continue supporting a game after it has had it’s run? Are new projects and new worlds really where the excitement is? And why are we as creators drawn by the allure of creating something brand new?

The Page is open to all practicing writers and enthusiasts.

What: The Page – August Meetup
When: Saturday, 5 August. Starting 1pm
Where: 48 Lake St, Northbridge WA 6003, Australia
Tickets: FREE!

For more details, head on over to the August Meetup event page.
You can also stay up to date with their plans and all things narrative via their main Facebook page.

The Page: June Meetup

Text: The Page

The Page is a back again, with another meet-up event in Perth for writers, narrative designers and creatives interested in games and digital storytelling. The theme for this month’s meetup is “Normal”, so what is normal anyway?

Normality in games means something completely different than normality anywhere else. In a media form saturated in heroics and grand scale derring-do, what does it mean to Press A to brush your teeth?

Let’s talk about how games handle mundanity of everyday life, and what constitutes normality in game worlds. Are we over-saturated with magic and spaceships? What happens when a game embraces mundanity, like Gone Home or Firewatch?

What: The Page – June Meetup
When: Saturday, 25 June. Starting 1pm
Where: SK Games, 167 Fitzgerald Street Northbridge
Tickets: FREE!

For more details, head on over to the June Meetup event page.
You can also stay up to date with their plans and all things narrative via their main Facebook page.

The Page: Talking Narrative in Games

Text: The Page

The Page is a monthly meet-up event in Perth for game writers, narrative designers, creatives and anyone interested in the stories of games. Coordinated by local game designer and writer Anthony Sweet, it’s a chance to talk all things narrative, from writing techniques through to the tales in games you love.

What: The Page – May Meetup
When: Saturday, 21 May. Starting 1pm
Where: SK Games, 167 Fitzgerald Street Northbridge
Tickets: FREE!

For more information, head on over to the May Meetup event page. You can also stay up to date with their catchup plans, not to mention tune in to all things narrative, over on their main Facebook page.

Let’s Make Games: 2017 End of Year Party

The Let's Make Games logo, featuring a party hat and party horn. Image links to facebook page for Let's Make Games end of year party.

2017 is coming to a close, and what a year it has been! WA has seen award winners at the Tokyo Games Show, the Australian Game Developer Awards, and a shortlisting in Board Game Australia’s Best Australian Game; not to mention several Women in Games Awards recipients! There have been a wide range of events throughout the year to keep us entertained, from PlayUp Perth to the Game Foundry, PotLucks to The Page, and of course the Perth Games Festival, Unconference and Global Game Jam. New opportunities have arisen through successful Kickstarters, microgrants, and jobs, but so too have some doors have closed.

So we would like to invite you, dear community, to join us in celebrating the year that was on Friday, Dec 8th. This is a casual event for all game-makers; come along and say hello, meet new people and have some fun!

What: Let’s Make Games End-Of-Year Gathering
When: Friday 8 December, 7pm till late
Where: The FireHouse, 48 Lake Street (corner of Francis & Lake) Northbridge
RSVP: via Facebook

Other Info: Light nibbles will be supplied, but BYO refreshments (alcohol or otherwise); a drinks fridge is available onsite.


♿ Accessibility: This venue is not wheelchair accessible, due to steps at each entrance. Volunteers are available to assist in moving mobility scooters or wheelchairs over these threshold, but we understand that this is not an optimal situation. We apologise for the inconvenience, and efforts will be made in future to better accomodate all community members.


A guest writer approaches!

Hi, I’m Matthew Dyet. You might have heard of me from such websites as ‘Diomades: The Blog‘ or ‘Planet PIGMI: The Place Blogs Get Posted’. Today, I’m your guest writer here on Lets Make Games!

Who is this guy?!

So what is there to know about me? I am a student currently studying at Edith Cowan Univerity, majoring in Game Design and Culture and Interactive Multimedia Development. At the moment, I’m helping the LMG team organise their next big event at ECU. But of course, that’s why you’re here – to read about what the Let’s Make Games team has been up to, not about the weird guy that has somehow managed to hijack their blog.

Organising the next event

So today, the LMG guys and myself met up at Edith Cowan University in Mount Lawley to look at some of the potential rooms to hold their next event, the Games Showcase taking place on Saturday, August 27. ECU has some great facilities, and we’ve got one of the freshly renovated rooms in the Creative Industries building booked and ready to go. More details soon!

Listing relevant events

If you have a look at the top of the page, you’ll see something new. Lets Make Games now has a calendar page to list events that you might be interested in attending. You can expect to see the times, dates and places for – not only Lets Make Games events – but other events taking place in and around Perth that are relevant to the Games community here in Perth.

In other news

  • Jeff Gomez, a transmedia producer that was at X Media Lab, is coming back to Australia and giving a Masterclass on the Second of August. Spots are limited, so register now!
  • Enterprise Connect and QUT Creative are hosting an investment information seminar for creative industry businesses on 11th August. Registrations are filling up quickly for this free workshop.
  • It’s been Birthday Party Happytime for the LMG videographers, Rich & Ben! Happy Birthday guys. =)

Strategy for a new world order

Welcome to our second weekly update. Today has been fairly productive: we’re knee-deep in Constitution legalese, mind mapping our web strategy, migrating our Facebook presence and experiencing occasional Monday-itis distractions.

Web strategy

Today Ben and Rich were pushing forward with more website planning. Just rough sketches and research notes at this point, but much of what we end up implementing will be dependent on the funding we’re able to secure.

New facebook page!

Today we officially migrated from our facebook group to our awesome new facebook page. All the Let’s Make Games updates, event and blogpost notifications get sent there. So make sure to give the page a ‘like’ to stay up to date.

LMG Forums are going, going… gone.

You may also notice the ‘Forums’ link has been removed from the top of the page. We’re focusing more on our facebook and twitter presence, and the PIGMI mailing list is still going strong.

Related News:

  • freeplay, Australia’s own indie games conference/festival, is happening 20-21 August. Who’s going?
  • Check out jsgamesoup and get cracking on some web-based games using open technology thanks to our own Chris McCormick.
  • Class 3 Outbreak is trying to raise money on indiegogo. There’s only 8 days left to contribute, so if you want to show support for a local developer just head over to the indiegogo page and contribute. Virtual World


An exploration into the human psyche and the possibilities of harnessing a shared global imagination, seeks to blur the borders between  gaming and art on a dramatic scale. is a realtime web-based interactive novel written by its users,  within the setting of an extremely detailed and dynamic virtual environment. Actions and dialogue  literally change the world, triggering rippling effects across the virtual attempts to impose as few constraints on its users imaginations as possible, doing away entirely with typical game mechanics such as levelling or hard coded quests, throwing the player headfirst down the metaphysical rabbit hole, to be reborn into into a world without limits that is spiralling rapidly out of control. All players are born into families descending directly from our beta testers, in a genetic battle for the most influential bloodline to go down in the pages of Reveries’ collaborative is restricted to an 18+ audience due to adult themes and unmoderated user content.


  • Website:
  • Developer(s): Avril Cox
  • Publisher(s): N/A (Independent)
  • Platform(s): Web browser
  • Release Date(s): TBA


Developed for Ruby on Rails by a single developer, assisted by a team of 100 contributors, ranging from professional biologists, authors, software testers to psychologists. A truly independent project, financed and developed in house.

Art Assets for Game Developers


Free Resources Available for Game Development

This page contains links to art assets for game developers. If you have any suggestions (for new sites to list) or comments (on anything listed on this page already), please let us know in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Free Resources


  • Open Game Art: Free, legal art for open source game projects (includes models, sprites, textures, sounds, music).
  • Free Game Arts: Promotes the use and development of free and “open source” game resources, including 3D models, sound effects, textures, games and development tools.
  • WikiWorlds: The goal of this wiki is to create virtual worlds under a free content license.

Graphics (2D):



  • Jamendo: Free and legal music downloads.
  • Free Music Archive: “It’s not just free music, it’s good music”.
  • Incompetech: Royalty free music search.
  • Open Music Archive: A collaborative project to source, digitise and distribute out-of-copyright sound recordings.
  • All songs free for personal and commercial use in games/video.



  • CG Textures: The world’s largest free texture site.
  • Mayang’s Free Textures: Over 3800 free to download, high-resolution textures.
  • Texture Archive: Neat collection of environmental and fabric textures.
  • Image * After: A large online free photo collection. Download and use any image or texture and in your own work, either personal or commercial. (Site includes images as well as textures).


  • CMU Graphics Lab Motion Capture Database: 2605 animations in 6 categories and 23 subcategories. Free for all uses.
  • Commercial site with over 4000 free animations in addition to their premium animations.
  • Truebones: Inexpensive commercial motion capture in BVH file format. Some free files available upon request.


  • Open Font Library: High quality open-source fonts.
  • The League of Moveable Type: Only the most well-made, free & open-source, @font-face ready fonts.
  • The fonts presented on this website are their authors’ property, and are either freeware, shareware, demo versions or public domain.
  • Acid Fonts: Large collection of free fonts.



  • serendipity: Various random name and description generators (may be good for RPGs).



Commercial Resources

  • Frogames content packs: Inexpensive content packs mostly for Torque and Unity3D.
  • Dexsoft: High-quality model packs with LODs, textures, and animations. Available in multiple formats.
  • 3DRT: Looks more expensive and of lower quality than Frogames and Dexsoft. (Some free content.)
  • MyFonts: Good commercial fonts website. Features “WhatTheFont” feature to assist in identifying fonts based on images.
  • Scirra: Company behind Construct 2, site includes Royalty Free Assets (templates, sounds, music, sprite fonts, animations and tilemaps).

Notes: The Frograms and Dexsoft content packs look well-designed and economical for indie game developers using Torque or Unity3D.


Related Resources

These websites are a bit of a mixed bag as their content is generally not directly targeted at games or their prices may be too high for indie developers.

Graphics (2D):

Graphics (3D):

Classic game assets:


Other Lists

Here are a few similar lists maintained on other sites:


Thanks to the following members of the PIGMI mailing list for suggesting some resources: Chris McCormick, Rohan Anchan, Saxon Druce, Paul Turbett, Matt Fracassini.

Event: The bird themed Potluck 9.0

Banner reads "Potluck 9.0"

Join the Potluck Collective in making fun and silly games for the sake of creating, with their next event being all about birds! You can make any kind of game you want on the theme, and then showcase it with the crew in July. It’s a great opportunity to meet local developers, have fun and a few drinks.

Event Details…

  • What: Potluck 9.0 – Honk Honk Honk
  • Cost: Free!
  • When: Saturday, 27 July 2019, from 7:30pm till late
  • Where: See the Facebook Event page for more details
    (Location details to be announced closer to the date)

No doubt this ones going to be a hoot – so be sure to check out their event page for more details, or to keep up to date with the collective in future you can follow them on Facebook or Twitter. And don’t forget to join the Let’s Make Games Discord for announcements of more events in future!

Event poster, picturing a variety of birds and the Potluck Collective coordinators. Text reads "Honk honk honk. July 27th. This one is bird themed."