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Strategy for a new world order

Welcome to our second weekly update. Today has been fairly productive: we’re knee-deep in Constitution legalese, mind mapping our web strategy, migrating our Facebook presence and experiencing occasional Monday-itis distractions.

Web strategy

Today Ben and Rich were pushing forward with more website planning. Just rough sketches and research notes at this point, but much of what we end up implementing will be dependent on the funding we’re able to secure.

New facebook page!

Today we officially migrated from our facebook group to our awesome new facebook page. All the Let’s Make Games updates, event and blogpost notifications get sent there. So make sure to give the page a ‘like’ to stay up to date.

LMG Forums are going, going… gone.

You may also notice the ‘Forums’ link has been removed from the top of the page. We’re focusing more on our facebook and twitter presence, and the PIGMI mailing list is still going strong.

Related News:

  • freeplay, Australia’s own indie games conference/festival, is happening 20-21 August. Who’s going?
  • Check out jsgamesoup and get cracking on some web-based games using open technology thanks to our own Chris McCormick.
  • Class 3 Outbreak is trying to raise money on indiegogo. There’s only 8 days left to contribute, so if you want to show support for a local developer just head over to the indiegogo page and contribute.


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