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LMG at the polls

Let's vote!

Let’s Make Games is on the incorporation train on our way to becoming Let’s Make Games Inc.  Today we held a general meeting to vote on our constitution (the objectives of our association were posted previously).  It was passed unanimously by our current membership: Nick, Anthony, Chris, Ben, Rich, and Minh. Next stop: application submission! Choo choooo!

Hit us up on Facebook so we can like you. Thanks to those who answered our poll. It’s informing us on what you’d like to see at our next LMG event: leading the polls are playtesting games and playing locally developed games followed closely by game-jamming and barrel-rolling. We’re looking for potential keynote speakers for this event so if you’re interested, contact us.

In other news, for all you animators out there, WAMBAM is on again. It’s happening next Friday (15th – 17th of July). Head over to WAnimate for more information.

[Photo by: redjar]

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