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WA Screen Industry Health Check

An analysis of the current state of the local industry is currently being undertaken by Screenworks through a set of surveys and forums, to assist Screenwest in planning support for the sector moving forward. The Interactive Pilot Fund was a grant coordinated by Screenwest previously, so sharing your thoughts with them will help keep game development and animation in mind for funding and support in future!

The Industry Forums taking place in February 2020, and if that’s your jam you can register an expression of interest to attend. As for the surveys, there are two types available, and it should take about 20 mins to complete one. These are:

Please Note: The wording and options of the survey are strongly aligned with the Film & Television sectors, which does limit the ability of games/animation/other areas to provide sufficient responses. This is a known issue, however we have been advised folks should still contribute to the survey to the best of their abilities and include feedback on this concern in the written section of the form.

We strongly encourage all game-makers and animators to add to the survey, to demonstrate our relevance in the local screen industry!

The survey closes Friday, 28 February 2020, but why not get to it now while it’s fresh in your mind? Screenworks are also providing accessibility aid for the survey; so if any assistance is require to complete the questionnaire, simply contact Ken Crouch on (02) 6681 1188 or email: head on over to the official information page. Once all this the research has been completed, the findings will be released to the public; so add your thoughts, then keep an eye out next year for the results.

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