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Videos and photos from our presentation, panel discussion, and networking event with ScreenWest

Our longest ever post title (unverified) is probably also our most descriptive!

Following are all videos (five in a playlist) of the presentation and panel discussion (held at the Alexander Library) we ran with ScreenWest:

The first video is a brief presentation we gave on games. The basic premise was something along the lines of:

Interactive Media + Mechanics = Gameplay

Obviously the talk was a little more involved. The purpose was to encourage people who work in any form of media to consider game mechanics as ways to enhance audience investment and engagement, and to get local game developers to consider various media aspects (story, themes) that complement mechanics and enhance gameplay.

Chiefly, we wanted to ensure that attendees all had a shared basic knowledge of games so that they could all maximally benefit from the panel discussion and networking event. (Based on turnout and subsequent feedback, it went quick well!)

Here are some photos from the following networking event (held across the road at the Brass Monkey):

Special thanks to Richard and Ben for producing these videos and photos.

Panelists announced for discussion and networking event (Register now!)

Our panel discussion and networking session is in just two days! (Wednesday 16 March), so be sure to register (via rsvp@screenwest.wa.gov.au) as soon as possible to avoid disappointment!

Important: Regarding RSVP’s, in the subject heading of your email, please write: ‘Surname’ Let’s Make Game’s Q&A. For queries, please contact Michelle Glaser, ScreenWest Digital Project Officer on (08) 9224 7322. More details on the ScreenWest announcement page. Thanks!

There haven’t been too many cross-over events between the local film and television industry and the local games community. So this is a rare opportunity to meet new people and learn something about interesting work being undertaken right here in Perth.

The panel discussion will be preceded by a brief presentation on games and the games industry, so no former knowledge of games is required. Speaking of the panel discussions, we’ve got a wide range of panelists:

There will also be a number of other key game developers (and a publisher) present, who we will introduce at the end of the panel discussion.

With X|Media|Lab Perth fast approaching, this event presents opportunities for traditional screen practitioners to:

  1. Learn what is involved in creating games for their cross-media projects
  2. Ask seasoned game developers questions about their project ideas
  3. Recruit local game developers to their X|Media|Lab teams

And vice-versa for game developers. On top of that, ScreenWest have secured a fantastic venue and will be providing drinks and nibbles for a networking session after the panel discussion. It’s a total win-win situation. 😀

See you there!

(Original photo by boellstiftung)

Games panel discussion & networking session for ScreenWest

Together with ScreenWest, we are running a games panel discussion and networking event next Wednesday (16 March 2011). Obviously, we’re super excited! Any time we get to share our love for games is a time to look forward to.

This event is the perfect opportunity for Let’s Make Games to let local traditional screen practitioners know all about games (what they are and how they are made), and to introduce them to local game developers! So we hope that you can all attend, and encourage your other media colleagues to be there as well!

Keep an eye on our homepage (or follow us on twitter) as we will announce the panel line-up later this week. Thanks to ScreenWest for putting this event together!


And here is a handy map!:

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Update: Fixed the RSVP email address! The correct address is rsvp@screenwest.wa.gov.au (It was previously incorrectly listed as rsvp@screenwest.gov.wa.au).