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5 Reasons You Should be Pitching at What’s Up Pitches?!

We’ve had a very positive response so far for pitching spots but if you’ve been wondering how to make the most of What’s Up Pitches or what value it can bring to your ideas and projects, here’s a quick list we have compiled about why we think you will want to put your hand up for one of our pitching spots:

1. Pitching helps you formalise your ideas. There’s something about having to stand up and talk about your ideas that forces you to sit down and really think them through. It helps you discover your core themes through the process of distilling your thoughts into words and images and makes it more likely to get the right idea across in a very short time.

2. What’s Up Pitches?! is a great opportunity to share your ideas across all the layers of game-related industries. It is an event that has generally crossed a lot more boundaries due to its nature and accessibility. It is a chance to talk about games in a much more varied context and application than just entertainment. Games can be about culture, education, industry, social change, communication and ecological purpose among many others. If you have an idea for what games can and should be about, reserve a spot and come tell us about it!

3. WUP is a networking event. It’s like mini TEDtalks where you get a chance to be on stage and then talk to the people that loved your idea after the event to make it a reality. It’s a lot about meeting people and discovering what people are working on, or would like to work on. It’s an event where you can get to ask “what if” to your audience and leave it there for them to fill in the blanks with you.

4. Deadlines are your friends. Not always the best of things but sometimes deadlines really help you make decisions about what to cut and what to keep. If you have a project that’s been living in your head for a while but you lacked the motivation to get it going, you can use What’s Up Pitches?! to really focus your creative juices.

5. Great Exposure. If you already have an idea you’ve been working on and been meaning to show off, WUP is the perfect place to get some great exposure. Not only do you get to talk to the attendees face-to-face and engage with all of Let’s Make Games local, national and international community but this year we will also be trying out a new livestreaming feature for all the talks which will allow even more people to see and hear what you have to say.

And 6. Unicorns! I’ll add an extra one to the lot, What’s Up Pitches is about having some fun, showing off some great or perhaps wacky ideas and seeing how people respond. I once read a quote that read “This matter is too important to be taken seriously” and sometimes that’s quite true. Bring your left and right brains and your good sense of humour and tell us a good story… about unicorns… fighting robots… to save the world… from greedy corporations!


Contact Details
RSVP on facebook at or send us an email or a tweet so we know how many to expect on the day.  There’s plenty of space so don’t be afraid!  You can also check out our venue sponsor, Spacecubed, which is open to anyone every Wednesday from 12pm – 2pm for co-working and collaboration.  See their website for more details.
To register your interest for pitching, email us at
We have more exciting news coming very soon so stay tuned!

photos courtesy of ben.snider and sweetenough via Creative Commons (flickr)

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