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What’s Up…Video Pitches?!

Hello all, we’ve been quite busy preparing for our next upcoming event, What’s Up Pitches?!  As a reminder, WUP will be held on Friday 25th of May, that’s about 3 weeks away!  Here’s 4 quick items that we’ve been working on:

1. NEW: Video Pitch!

We have  now added the opportunity for people who live in remote regions, are from other states or are overseas but who still want to be able to pitch to the Perth game community to be able to register and send us a link to their video pitch. This can be sent to us to be played on the night or alternatively, uploaded to a website (such as YouTube/Vimeo/etc…) for us to access on the day. So now you have even less excuses to not participate!  Please refer to the Pitching Companion for more info.

2. Registration for What’s Up Pitches?!

It seems people have been a bit shy about registering for a pitching spot so we thought we’d let you know just what you need to register.  All you need at this stage is your name or team name, a way to contact you (email is good although we can try smoke signals) and a tentative name for your pitch.  We already have our very own Nick registered for a spot with his pitch entitled “Why Everyone should Ludum Dare!”

3. Brand New Version of Pitching Companion

Also don’t forget to grab the latest up-to-date version of our Pitching Companion1.2!  It contains most of the information such as deadlines etc.. that you will need. Wha’t s Up Pitches is only 3 Weeks away so send us your pitch registration as soon as possible!  We have a cool blogpost coming up with 5 reasons we think you should be pitching at our next event so stay tuned.

4. Posing Problems to the Community

So you have this project and you’d love to know how can games be a good match for it?  Send us an email at and we’ll present your query to the community. If anyone wants to pick up the challenge they may come forward and pitch an idea for it at the event! We recommend doing it fast and preferably before the end of this week so you are more likely to get responses!

Image courtesy of Morten Fauerby and leafar (flickr) via Creative Commons

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