Art assets for game developers

After the positive response we received for our Releasing a Game page, we decided to add an Art Assets for Game Developers page to our Resources section.

Here is our (completely subjective) top 5 list of free online resources:

  1. Inspiring concept. Although, still in its early stages.
  2. Lost Garden free game graphics and SpriteLib GPL: We couldn’t decide between these two new-school and old-school sprite sets.
  3. CG Textures: An abundance of textures suitable for 3D models.
  4. The Freesound Project: A huge list of Creative Commons sound samples.
  5. Serendipity: Random text generators, including the (G-rated) cuss-o-matic.

Honourable mentions:

We hope that you find the full list on our NEW Art Assets for Game Developers page handy! Be sure to bookmark it and post some comments.

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