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Announcing What’s Up Pitches?! 2012

Welcome back!

Hot on the heels of our very successful Independent Games Marketing Workshop, we are proud to announce that our 2012 edition of our lightning pitch presentations, What’s Up Pitches?!, has been announced for Friday the 25th of May, from 6pm till 8pm at Spacecubed with drinks and networking afterwards at the nearest bar!

Click on the image above to get a High Resolution version of the poster to print and pin at your workplace, uni or even the comfort of your home!

Brief Description

If you came to last year’s event, you’ll know what to expect but to serve as a refresher for veterans and an introduction to newcomers, here’s a quick breakdown of the event:

What’s Up Pitches?! is an evening of lightning pitches (3 minute so-called elevator pitch) presented by members of the community during which they pitch ideas for games, community initiatives, events or anything games related to their peers. Whether you’re pitching brain-teasers, food for thought or your idea of the world’s most epic game, we want to hear about it. Last year’s event attracted about 60 attendees from students to practicing professionals and we anticipate similar numbers this year. What’s Up Pitches?! will be hosted by our great sponsor, Spacecubed, a co-working innovation space located in the CBD. A short description from their website:

“Spacecubed facilitates a community of changemakers in a 550sqm co-working, collaboration and innovation space located at Ground Floor rear, 45 St Georges Terrace, Perth. Spacecubed provides central access to hot desks, team working space, events, seminar and meeting space.” –

Time, Date and Registration

This year’s What’s Up Pitches?! event will be held on Friday 25th of May 2012, from 6pm till 8pm, followed by networking and debriefs. Participants may opt to pitch as individuals or as a team and the registration deadline for all presenters will be on Monday 21st of May 2012. Participant and attendee registration can be made via Facebook (Let’s Make Games, ), Twitter (@letsmakegames) or via e-mail (

There’s 3 main ways to have your say at What’s Up Pitches?!

1. You can attend the event, hear other people’s pitches and discuss the ideas after the pitch during our breaks or the networking session.

2. If you already have a great idea and want to present it to your peers, register for a pitching spot now!

3. You can pose a problem to the community and have them pitch you their solutions on the day.

Check out our Pitching Companion for more info about deadlines and recommendations.


We’re always looking for awesome sponsors for our events to make them even better for our community so if you’re interested in sponsoring this event and having your name and logo added to our marketing materials, please send an e-mail to and we’ll gladly run you through our sponsorship options to see if there’s one that fits your budget.

2 days until the Indie Games Marketing Course!

That’s right! The headline does not deceive you: there are only two days left until our indie games marketing workshop.

This informative evening will be valuable to anyone who has a game out in market, about to release their game, or is even at the early research and development stage for their project. Here’s some further information about who and what you can expect from the evening.

This is a limited event, so hurry up and get your tickets if you haven’t already!

  • When: 6:00pm – 9:00pm, Thursday April 26th
  • Where: Northbridge Piazza Community Building, cnr Lake St. and James St. (entrance is beneath the big screen)
  • Tickets: $35, available from Eventbrite or the order form below!
  • Event Page: Facebook
  • Refreshments? Provided!

Thanks to our sponsors ScreenWest and City of Perth for helping us bring this workshop to Perth.

Only One Week to Go!

There’s only one week left to go before our Indie Games Marketing Course kicks off and it’s not too late to get a ticket!

Just as a reminder, the workshop is being held on Thursday 26th April at the Piazza Community Building (that’s the building right behind that awesome big screen at the Northbridge Piazza) from 6pm till 9pm.  That’s $35 dollars + Booking Fee for 2Hrs+ of marketing workshop and all the best tips to get your PR releases noticed. All of this brought to you by our two amazing speakers.  Tickets available in the widget below, or directly from Eventbrite!


Ludum Dare this weekend

Feel like making a game this weekend? Why not participate in Ludum Dare! Similar to Global Game Jam, it’s an international event where people all over the globe make a game from scratch in one weekend. You can either go hardcore and participate in the 48hour solo competition or kick back with an extra day and join in the jam by yourself or with some friends. If you are interested in finding out what Perth people are doing or are looking to join a group, hit up the Perth Ludum Dare Facebook group.

In The News:

Nick, our awesome chairperson was featured last week in the West Australian for a piece entitled Indie Game Evolution.  Here’s a short excerpt from it:

“Local game developer and industry advocate Nick Lowe believes that the indie game is an exciting evolution in the form, encouraging new approaches and opening it up to individuals and communities outside the traditional gaming power centres.”

Latest Zombie News:

Our good friends over at Binary Space have released the iOS version of their awesome Zombie Outbreak Simulator so if you’ve ever wondered how many zombies it takes to overrun a whole city, head over there and give it a try.  We wish them good luck and always remember, aim for the head!

The ABCs of Indie Marketing

So perhaps you’ve read the initial announcement about the Indie Games Marketing Course. Perhaps you’ve even read about our amazing guests.

Now you’d probably like to know what you’d get yourself into by attending our workshop. Lucky for you, we have some details right here!


The Indie Games Marketing Workshop

Tim Colwill: Approaching the Press

What does it take to catch an editor’s eye? How can you make your press release stand out from the other 6,000 that cross their desk every day? As editor-in-chief of the thriving game community, Tim will give you first hand insight into what you can do to make your press materials attractive to even the most time-deficient editor.

Chris Wright: Indie Game Positioning Workshop

Chris will take you through his highly sought-after two hour interactive workshop on how to “position” your game. Using a variety of unique exercises, this Surprise Architect will get you thinking about your games’ hooks and themes, and how to emphasise these unique features within the global game market. Prepare to be delighted and astounded as you learn things about your game that you never knew (or perhaps were too humble to admit!), and how this information can boost your marketing efforts.


The Indie Games Marketing Workshop is being held on Thursday 26th April at the Piazza Community Building. Entry to this exclusive workshop is a measly $35. You can secure your ticket registration in the widget below, or directly from Eventbrite. It’s only two weeks until this great event, so make sure to get your tickets soon!


Meet our Marketing Champions

The Indie Games Marketing Workshop is coming up quickly, and we thought you might like to meet the two people that are coming to unload their marketing artillery on your sponge-like brain machines.

Chris Wright (Surprise Attack)

Surprise Attack was founded by Chris Wright, a veteran of video games marketing with more than 100 campaigns executed under his care for publishers including THQ, Microsoft, Sega, Capcom, Disney Interactive Studios and many more.

Chris also spent two years as a member of Film Victoria’s Digital Media Assessment Panel, which assesses applications in respect of its Digital Media funding programs, providing recommendations to the Board for final approval.

You can check out Chris’s profile on LinkedIn here.


Tim Colwill (

Tim is the worldʼs first, last, and only classically-trained combat raconteur. He was raised at an early age by bears, then later by humans, and then later again by humans dressed in unconvincing homemade bear suits.

It is this unique combination of completely untrue things which has made him into the man he is today: dehydrated, frequently confused, and editor-in-chief of, Internode‘s gaming portal.

Tim’s LinkedIn profile is right here.


The Indie Games Marketing Workshop is on Thursday, April 26th from 6pm at the Northbridge Piazza Community Building.

Thanks to our major event sponsor ScreenWest, we’re able to bring this incredibly valuable and highly sought after workshop to Perth’s indie dev community for only $35 per person. Tickets are limited, so you should head over to Eventbrite and gets yours soon!