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Ludum Dare this weekend

Feel like making a game this weekend? Why not participate in Ludum Dare! Similar to Global Game Jam, it’s an international event where people all over the globe make a game from scratch in one weekend. You can either go hardcore and participate in the 48hour solo competition or kick back with an extra day and join in the jam by yourself or with some friends. If you are interested in finding out what Perth people are doing or are looking to join a group, hit up the Perth Ludum Dare Facebook group.

In The News:

Nick, our awesome chairperson was featured last week in the West Australian for a piece entitled Indie Game Evolution.  Here’s a short excerpt from it:

“Local game developer and industry advocate Nick Lowe believes that the indie game is an exciting evolution in the form, encouraging new approaches and opening it up to individuals and communities outside the traditional gaming power centres.”

Latest Zombie News:

Our good friends over at Binary Space have released the iOS version of their awesome Zombie Outbreak Simulator so if you’ve ever wondered how many zombies it takes to overrun a whole city, head over there and give it a try.  We wish them good luck and always remember, aim for the head!

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