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The ABCs of Indie Marketing

So perhaps you’ve read the initial announcement about the Indie Games Marketing Course. Perhaps you’ve even read about our amazing guests.

Now you’d probably like to know what you’d get yourself into by attending our workshop. Lucky for you, we have some details right here!


The Indie Games Marketing Workshop

Tim Colwill: Approaching the Press

What does it take to catch an editor’s eye? How can you make your press release stand out from the other 6,000 that cross their desk every day? As editor-in-chief of the thriving game community, Tim will give you first hand insight into what you can do to make your press materials attractive to even the most time-deficient editor.

Chris Wright: Indie Game Positioning Workshop

Chris will take you through his highly sought-after two hour interactive workshop on how to “position” your game. Using a variety of unique exercises, this Surprise Architect will get you thinking about your games’ hooks and themes, and how to emphasise these unique features within the global game market. Prepare to be delighted and astounded as you learn things about your game that you never knew (or perhaps were too humble to admit!), and how this information can boost your marketing efforts.


The Indie Games Marketing Workshop is being held on Thursday 26th April at the Piazza Community Building. Entry to this exclusive workshop is a measly $35. You can secure your ticket registration in the widget below, or directly from Eventbrite. It’s only two weeks until this great event, so make sure to get your tickets soon!


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