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Meet our Marketing Champions

The Indie Games Marketing Workshop is coming up quickly, and we thought you might like to meet the two people that are coming to unload their marketing artillery on your sponge-like brain machines.

Chris Wright (Surprise Attack)

Surprise Attack was founded by Chris Wright, a veteran of video games marketing with more than 100 campaigns executed under his care for publishers including THQ, Microsoft, Sega, Capcom, Disney Interactive Studios and many more.

Chris also spent two years as a member of Film Victoria’s Digital Media Assessment Panel, which assesses applications in respect of its Digital Media funding programs, providing recommendations to the Board for final approval.

You can check out Chris’s profile on LinkedIn here.


Tim Colwill (

Tim is the worldʼs first, last, and only classically-trained combat raconteur. He was raised at an early age by bears, then later by humans, and then later again by humans dressed in unconvincing homemade bear suits.

It is this unique combination of completely untrue things which has made him into the man he is today: dehydrated, frequently confused, and editor-in-chief of, Internode‘s gaming portal.

Tim’s LinkedIn profile is right here.


The Indie Games Marketing Workshop is on Thursday, April 26th from 6pm at the Northbridge Piazza Community Building.

Thanks to our major event sponsor ScreenWest, we’re able to bring this incredibly valuable and highly sought after workshop to Perth’s indie dev community for only $35 per person. Tickets are limited, so you should head over to Eventbrite and gets yours soon!

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