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Crazy Coaster Beta combines Adorable Animals and a Deadly Rollercoaster

Crazy Coasters Header

Super Cookie Games have returned with more super cute animals, but this time with a hint of death and destruction. The beta for their upcoming game Crazy Coasters is on Google Play, so if you have yet to join in the rollercoaster chaos (complete with entertaining game-over gifs) be sure to check it out.

Catch a ride on the Crazy Coaster, make sure you slow down for the tight turns otherwise it could end up messy…

There’s a sneak peak of the gameplay below, and if you’re keen to start testing out this adorably evil game, simply head on over to Super Cookie’s Google Play page.


BetaMax Cookie Desert free on Mobile

BetaMax - Cookie Desert, by Super Cookie Games

Take a bite out of the newest sweet treat from Super Cookie Games, BetaMax Cookie Desert. The fourth game in the delicious BetaMax series of 2D retro-inspired platforms, this latest adventure sees Max traversing a new sugar encrusted world.

Help Max travel across his candy filled world to crush Froggus and save his beloved Min!

Collect candy and cookies, unlock achievements, and squash any lollygagging enemies that get in your way. BetaMax Cookie Desert is now available for free on iOS and Android. And if you have a real candy craving, be sure to check out the other games in the series; Sherbet Plains, Icecream Valley and Chocolate Caverns. They are sure satisfy your sweet tooth without having to worry about a trip to the dentist!

BetaMax - Sherbert Plains

Sherbert Plains

BetaMax - Icecream Valley

Icecream Valley

BetaMax - Chocolate Caverns

Chocolate Caverns


Puzzle game Baboo! hits Android for free in a shower of rainbows 🌈

Baboo!, by Super Cookie Games
Super Cookie Games are at it again, having created another colourful game all about keeping you entertained. Following on from the release of OMG Dancer! and Thug Racer, we have Baboo!, a bright puzzle game featuring adorable animals.

Baboo by Super Cookie GamesThe cute Baboos need your help! Can you complete as many rainbow lines as possible?! Baboo! is a fun and challenging yet simple puzzle game, great for brain training!

The idea is simple, complete lines left-and-right or up-and-down to score high and watch out not to fill up the screen!

So if you’re keen to try your hand at managing a menagerie of chipper little animals, head on over to the Android page now and grab it for free!

Thug Racer and OMG Dancer out now!

Once again it seems there were some locally-made games that slipped under our radar, but thanks to a tip off the long arm of the law has caught up with them. So without further ado, say hello to WA’s newest game dev resident, Super Cookie Games. Since arriving in our fair city, this studio has released two new titles Thug Racer and OMG Dancer!


Thug Racer - Mobile Game

An epic mobile interpretation of an arcade classic…

Outrun other cars on your way to any one of the five goal lines to be considered a winner. And the decision is yours as to which track you’ll travel. However, watch out for speed traps along the way – the police are there to do their job and you are not going to make their life easy!

Now start your engine, grip your mobile and get the head start in the fastest race ever to reach your mobile.

Thug Racer is available now on Android, iOS and Kindle. You can also find it on Ouya and Android TV!

OMG Dancer - Mobile Game

OMG Dancer is the new awesome music game that will take the world by storm! Make your character dance to the beat of your favourite tunes by tapping the right body parts!

Connecting straight to your music library, this game is a fun rhythm title that lets you customise the colourful dancing characters so that you can watch your friends, family and even pets dance away.

You can get your hands on OMG Dance on both Android and iOS right now.


So be sure to welcome Super Cookie Games to the wonderful game dev community we have going on in Western Australian. These folk also have a number of other games up their sleeves, so why not also check out the rest of their collection!