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Tag: GameJam

See you at GameJam tonight!

GameJam starts tonight (5pm at the Joondalup Business Centre; for more details see our last post). We hope to see you there! 😀 Image (related) via

GameJam in 2 weeks! Sign-up now!

The next Perth GameJam is just under two weeks away. That means we’re just two weeks and a few days away from playing some sweet, sweet GameJam games! It also means that you need to sign-up soon in order to secure your place! For more information visit the GameJam homepage.

Let’s Make GameJam!

The next Perth GameJam will kick off next Friday (May 1). With that in mind, this month’s event will be an opportunity to learn about GameJam, play previous entries, and find some like-minded people to jam with! Details: Title: Let’s Make GameJam! Time/Date: 6:30pm – 9:30pm, Tuesday, April 28 Location:…