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Good times at Let’s Make Party! (video)

Want to relive the good times of Let’s Make Party!? (Or maybe you just couldn’t make it, and you want to know what it was like.)

Thankfully our resident videographers, Richard and Ben, have put together a fantastic short that captures the good times that were had. Enjoy the contagious enthusiasm of the Perth game development community!

Still craving more nostalgia? Check-out photos from the event, and the playlist of locally developed content that was screened on the night.


I Feel Fantastic (Jonathan Coulton) / CC BY-NC 3.0

Let’s Make Party!

Update: A huge thanks to our sponsors: Different Methods, Rockethands, DrewFX, Binary Space, and Handwritten Games.

Update: Please RSVP via the contact page or on the facebook event page by November 21! (This helps us make sure that we have enough food)

As 2010 draws to the close, Let’s Make Games would like to invite all of you in the local game development community to our second end-of-year party!

Last year’s party was a huge success (thanks to our volunteers, sponsors, and all of our attendees) and we’re calling on everyone to make this year’s party even better.

We’ve secured an exclusive upstairs bar at a great centrally-located venue, we’re organising for live music, and we’ll be putting on a bit of a spread for a weekend sundowner (which will no doubt kick on for a while afterwards).


  • Title: Let’s Make Party!
  • Time/Date: 4pm – 8pm, Sunday 28 November 2010
  • Location: Universal Bar & Cafe (upstairs), 221 William St. Northbridge
  • Description: End-of-year party for WA’s game development community. Come and meet local game developers, check-out this year’s games, and have an all-round fantastic time!
  • RSVP: 21 November 2010 for registration and catering purposes

It all takes place in just under five weeks, so mark the date on your calendar and let your friends know. Anyone interested in game development is welcome to attend. We always love seeing new faces and a wide range of people (eg. students,  artists, programmers, animators, designers, musicians, gamers, gamer-curious).

We’re currently looking for sponsors and volunteers, so please contact us if you feel that you can contribute. In regards to sponsorship, it’s a great way to engage (or give back to) the local community and we have many options available to suit any budget. So please don’t hesitate to contact us!

We’ll be announcing more details leading up to the event (eg. how to show off your games at the venue), so be sure to visit the site or subscribe to our feed.

Update: You can RSVP via the contact page or on the facebook event page.

Fizzy “Biggest Game of 2010” competition

Fizzy.com, the flash game site operated by Sydney-based 3RDsense, has announced a game development competition for 2010.

Game developers can sign-up to the Fizzy GDN (Game Developer Network) to have Fizzy.com distribute their titles, earning them a share of advertising revenue and sales. Like similar sites, game developers retain their own intellectual property and the agreement is non-exclusive (games can be posted elsewhere as well).

The Fizzy Biggest Game of 2010 competition is a year-long competition based on revenue earned through the Fizzy GDN. In a nutshell, the game developer that makes the most money from a game through the Fizzy GDN (between January 1 and December 31 2010), will be awarded an additional $50,000 first prize at the end of the year.


It sounds like an interesting promotion to provide some additional incentive for developers to distribute their flash games via Fizzy.com (and to increase their catalogue of titles). Are any local developers already on Fizzy.com? Or planning to sign up in the near future?

Thanks to Doug for sharing this news!