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Fizzy “Biggest Game of 2010” competition, the flash game site operated by Sydney-based 3RDsense, has announced a game development competition for 2010.

Game developers can sign-up to the Fizzy GDN (Game Developer Network) to have distribute their titles, earning them a share of advertising revenue and sales. Like similar sites, game developers retain their own intellectual property and the agreement is non-exclusive (games can be posted elsewhere as well).

The Fizzy Biggest Game of 2010 competition is a year-long competition based on revenue earned through the Fizzy GDN. In a nutshell, the game developer that makes the most money from a game through the Fizzy GDN (between January 1 and December 31 2010), will be awarded an additional $50,000 first prize at the end of the year.


It sounds like an interesting promotion to provide some additional incentive for developers to distribute their flash games via (and to increase their catalogue of titles). Are any local developers already on Or planning to sign up in the near future?

Thanks to Doug for sharing this news!

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