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Event: Loading Space Coworking & Playtest

Photograph of the glass entryway to the Studio001 room in the State Library of Western Australia.

This Sunday the 29th of September during the monthly Loading Space we will be holding a playtest of four great games. This has been organised with thanks to the State Library of WA and their Studio.001 program in order to contribute to the community and share some of our skills. You can find the event posted on the SLWA website here and on their facebook here.

What: Sunday Playtesting Session
When: Sunday Sept 29, 12:00pm – 5:00pm.
Where: Studio.001 Space.
Level 1, State Library of Western Australia, 25 Francis St, Perth.

Cost: Entirely Free!
What to Bring: Yourself & anyone who you think will enjoy playing the games!
More Details: via Facebook Event

We will be having the following games and potentially more!

Impractical Problems

Created by Florian Robbins

What is it? A First-Person Physics Puzzle for PC.
It’s a puzzle game similar to Portal, but instead of portals, you change the physical properties of objects, such as making them stick or reduced friction.

Little Bit Lost

Created by King Tide Studios

What is it? Minecraft crossed with Honey I Shrunk the Kids!
Little Bit Lost is a survival voxel game where a molecular diminishment experiment has gone horribly wrong. You awaken to find that your world is an awful lot bigger. Fight to survive against ants, spiders and a variety of creepy crawlies in an effort to return yourself to normal size.


Created by Inkrune Studios

What is it? 3D physics puzzle game.
Acrylica is a 3D physics puzzle platformer. Control the paint and solve your way through an underground train tunnel system!

We hope to see you there!

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