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Square Off on Ouya, and Pozible coming to Perth

Here’s some news to make your public holiday even better! (No April Fools, promise.)

Square Off available on Ouya launch

Gnomic Studios announced on their Twitter account yesterday that their Windows 8 and Xbox Live hit, Square Off, will be available on the Ouya Shop at launch.

Congratulations to the team at Gnomic for being amongst the first developers to release for the Ouya console world-wide!

Let’s Talk Crowdfunding Perth

Pozible are bringing their crowdfunding touring information session to Perth at the end of April. The first session on Monday 29th at Technology Park, Bentley still has spaces available.

This is a great opportunity for developers and artists interested in crowdfunding to hear from Pozible co-founder Rick Chen, and some successful project managers on how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign. Tickets are free, and more information can be found at the event’s Eventbrite booking page.

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