Welcome to our official videographers

Let’s Make Games would like to welcome our new official videographers (and photographers): Ben Hammersley and Richard Kong.

Richard and Ben have been part of the local game development community for a while, and increasingly involved with Let’s Make Games events since late last year.

At last year’s end-of-year party, Ben took a whole bunch of great candid photos which really captured the atmosphere of the event; Richard created a charming timelapse video of our sundowner earlier in the year; and the two worked together to capture a couple of the recent short talks from local game developers.

Artist profile for Richard:

Richard Kong is a photographer and graphic artist who strives to create inspirational and relevant content in today’s changing society.

Being involved with Let’s Make Games, he hopes to interact with the local developer community and assist them in achieving their vision.

For more information on Richard (including many examples of his work) can be found on his online portfolio.

Artist profile for Ben:

Ben Hammersley is a young film-maker and aspiring game designer whose goal is to create immersive and meaningful content for people to enjoy.

By working with Let’s Make Games, he hopes to capture and communicate the spirit and growth of Perth’s game industry.

Here is an example of his recent work:

For more information on Ben, see his creative blog.

It’s an exciting time for game development in Perth, and we deeply appreciate that we have talented individuals investing time and careful effort in helping us to record, share, and remember this interesting period. 🙂

We thank Richard and Ben for volunteering to work with us, and we eagerly look forward to their audio-visual documentation of our upcoming end-of-year event: Let’s Make Party!

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