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Show off your wares at Let’s Make Party!

Update: Reply to this post with a link to your video on YouTube and we will add it to our Let’s Make Party! playlist.

Let’s Make Party! is just one week away (Sunday 28 November), and we’re inviting all Perth game developers to show off their wares.

Sharing your work is a great way to let everyone else see the sort of things that are going on in the Perth game development scene. It’s also a great opportunity for students to get feedback from industry veterans, and for individuals to demonstrate things that they are interested in working on (who knows, you may find a game development soul mate!)

There are three easy ways to demonstrate your work:

  1. Include a video in our play-list
  2. Setup on our demonstration table (laptop, portfolios, etc.)
  3. Show it off on your handheld device

If you would like to have your video included in our play-list, just reply to this post with a link to your video(s). We’ll put together a play-list with whatever we have on Friday and display them throughout the event on a large overhead flat-panel television (alongside videos from our sponsors).

If you want to setup on our demonstration table, just make your way down to the venue a little early on the day (3pm). We should have plenty of powerboards, but please try to let us know (by replying to this post) if you intend to demonstrate something so that we can allocate enough space.

Finally, we imagine that a lot of developers have smartphones. Be sure to have your videos and games loaded for impromptu demonstrations when people inevitably ask “so what have you been working on?”. 🙂

Photo by Adam Jones

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  1. Hey guys,

    I’d like to add a video to your play-list if I may. Are there any guidelines as to the format, resolution, size/length, etc.?

  2. Hi George,

    I’d say aim for 720p and between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. Be sure to include your company/team/own name and the name of the game (either at the start and end or throughout the video somewhere).

    Those are guidelines only though. Promo videos should generally be no longer than they need to be as you risk boring the audience. You just want something that grabs their interest and makes them want to hunt you down as ask you more about it (or search for more details online).

    Basically, if it’s something that you would put online to quickly promote your game or show off your work – it’s probably right at home at Let’s Make Party! 🙂

  3. Thanks for sending links. I’ve made a playlist on YouTube for easy collection and great posterity!

  4. Thanks George. I’ll be sure to include the high-quality version. The game looks great!

  5. Thanks Andy. I just added them to the playlist. 🙂

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