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WA Game Developers: Your end-of-year party is this Sunday (27 November)

Dear Perth Game Developers,

Your end-of-year party is this Sunday (27 November 2011). It’s been a fantastic and eventful year, and it’s time to celebrate the Western Australian game development scene together.

This is a FREE event open to all local game creators (professional, hobbyist, and student) and those interested in games. Please RSVP (on facebook or by emailing

See you on Sunday!

– The Let’s Make Games Inc. team


  • Time/Date: 3pm-7pm, Sunday 27 November 2011
  • Location: Upstairs at the Universal Bar, 221 William Street, Northbridge
  • RSVP: facebook or email to

Flyer (print it out and post it at your place of work or study):

End of Year Party!


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Activities (setup in different areas):

  1. Meet or catch-up with local game developers in a friendly social environment
  2. Check out games created this year in WA (featured in our 2011 showreel)
  3. Get interviewed by our videographers (see last year’s interviews)
  4. Get physical with fun, easy-to-play games in our physical games area
  5. Learn about local games and their creators by playing the 2011 WA game creator card game
  6. Play other fun social and mixer games that test your wit and resolve!
  7. Win fantastic door prizes (if you have RSVP’d)


  1. Please note that the Universal Bar is a licensed venue (minors will have to be accompanied by parents)
  2. RSVP on facebook or by emailing to be in the running for our door prizes
  3. Submit your videos to our showreel by sending YouTube links to
  4. Bring your games and portfolios to show off on your mobile devices (sorry, no power or network available)
  5. Help spread the word by tweeting about #lmgparty2011 and inviting people to the facebook event!
Finally, we’d like to thank our sponsors who have made this event (and our ongoing work) possible:
With Anthony (our Treasurer) away this week, we may have an outdated list of sponsors. Please let us know if you’re missing or incorrectly listed!

Send us links to your videos!

We’re collecting videos for the end-of-year showreel. That means that Chris is traulling YouTube for videos of locally developed games from 2011, and adding them to a playlist (which will serve as an inspirational historical record of what we all got up to this year!)

Surely, we’ll look back at the hairstyles and graphics and think: “Oh man, those were the days!”, “Haha, remember 2D displays! LOL” (or whatever the future equivalent of LOL is), and “I’m so glad I was a part of that!”

We know that you’ve all made a bunch of new stuff that should be played on the big screen at our party, so please take few minutes to get into your email and send your YouTube video links to:

While on the subject of videos, why not make an introductory video like the fine folks over at Kactus Games:

We’ll keep the showreel videos to game promos and captures, but intro videos are great for pre-party viewing. You’ll get to meet new people who feel that they already know you! ūüėČ

[Community Post] Star Hammer Tactics set to launch on iPad on November 24!

Community Post time!  Featuring the awesome Paul Turbett, of Black Lab Games fame, announcing the imminent release of Star Hammer Tactics for iPad:


I wanted to share a bit of news from Black Lab Games. Our sci-fi themed tactical strategy game, Star Hammer Tactics, is set to launch on iPad on the 24th of November! Even better, it will be a free download.

More details are available on the Black Lab Games blog!

Screenshots and general game information is available at


By: Paul Turbett

Bookmark it in your calendars if you’re a fan of the franchise and definitely check it out if you’ve never heard of it!

Hi five! Yeah!

Animated High Five
Hi fives all-round!
Four weeks, 434% funded and three awesome events on the way! So many big-huge thankyous need to go out to all of our supporters, promoters and retweeters. And a special thank you to our latest wave of supporters:
We’re amazed and grateful for your generous support. Because of your pledges, we’re able to bring our best party-planning skills to the LMGParty2011, Global Game Jam AND the Summer BBQ.

That’s three events for the price of one!

We’ll be busy little bees the next two weeks getting all of the final details prepared for the party later this month. Keep an eye on the¬†website¬†for further details and updates, and we’ll see you all at the party. Don’t forget to RSVP to enter the door prize competition. =)

Eyebeam Fellowships 2012

Michelle Glaser from DCA let us know that the Eyebeam Art + Technology Center in New York have put out a call for their 2012 fellowship program. Thanks to Michelle for the heads-up (which was a little while ago now, so apologies for the late notice!)

Game Design is listed as one of their discovery threads:

Game Design: Explores the intersection between Games, Technology and Art, and includes independent games designers in and outside of Eyebeam, academics, as well as game enthusiasts. (Game Design)

There is a lot more information on their website, but it’s essentially a potential $30,000 residency in¬†NY at a prestigious and progressive lab.

Submission is via their website and the deadline is this Friday (New York time), so get cracking if you are keen!


[Community Post] Rocket Compulsion Lite – In app store

We’ve received our first community post from Almaco! ¬†Congratulations on your release and we wish you the best. ¬†Here’s what they had to say:

Hi All,

Rocket Compulsion Lite is a free action game developed in Unity designed to extend a doco produced by Firelight Productions in Sydney. You play as a rocket belt piolet getting stars, shooting targets and saving lives (well playing lifesaver quoits but whatevs):

See Rocket Compulsion Lite in AppStore

A pay version is available in Australian (thanks to some pretty strange licensing deals) and a world release will be up in the next week or so.

Hope people like it

By: almaco

If anyone has other posts that are relevant to the community, head over to our “add post” section and have a read of the guidelines for submission, thanks!

Flyer is up up and away!

End of Year Party!

Check out our flyer for the End of Year Party! Big thanks to Rich Kong for making it awesome. You can click through to a high-res version and print it out: stick it on your fridge, put it up at work or give it to your best friend.

Thank You

We’d like to thank our most recent Pozible supporters for helping us make the End of Year Party more awesome!
Thank you to:

Seeking: Perth venue for Global Game Jam 2012

Let’s Make Games Inc. is getting all geared up to host a Perth site for next year’s Global Game Jam, but we first need to find a venue! If you have a suitable venue or can help us find one, please let us know!

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  1. Available for 48 hours: January 27-29, 2012 (requires after-hours access)
  2. Desks and chairs for approximately 40 people (with suitable power )
  3. Accessible venue with food preparation and bathroom facilities
  4. Wired or wireless Internet access
If we can’t find a suitable venue, we may have to make a few concessions (eg. not open after hours, smaller number of spaces) or may not be able to run a local jam site at all (which would be a huge shame). So please help out if you can.

Micro-posts instead of Mega-posts

We’ve been pretty good at posting regularly to our blog, but our weekly updates have been getting rather packed!

Once it got to the point where “section headers” became stander fare in our posts, we knew that it was time to change. As a result, we’ve decided to start writing smaller posts which will appear more often.

Here’s how things will work:

  1. A post early in the afternoon on Monday, to let you know what we’re up to on our work day and how you can help
  2. Another post at the end of the day on Monday, with important information (like event announcements)
  3. Up to one scheduled post for each day of the week (moderated community posts and scheduled reminders)
So stay tuned on Mondays, and add your own posts to see them appear next week!