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Send us links to your videos!

We’re collecting videos for the end-of-year showreel. That means that Chris is traulling YouTube for videos of locally developed games from 2011, and adding them to a playlist (which will serve as an inspirational historical record of what we all got up to this year!)

Surely, we’ll look back at the hairstyles and graphics and think: “Oh man, those were the days!”, “Haha, remember 2D displays! LOL” (or whatever the future equivalent of LOL is), and “I’m so glad I was a part of that!”

We know that you’ve all made a bunch of new stuff that should be played on the big screen at our party, so please take few minutes to get into your email and send your YouTube video links to:

While on the subject of videos, why not make an introductory video like the fine folks over at Kactus Games:

We’ll keep the showreel videos to game promos and captures, but intro videos are great for pre-party viewing. You’ll get to meet new people who feel that they already know you! 😉

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