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Game Foundry Tabletop Testing on Again

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Play the latest tabletop games-in-progress and test out your own each week at the Game Foundry. This regular event gives you the chance to meet local developers and share your thoughts with them on how they can make their next titles even better!

What: Game Foundry Tabletop Testing
When: 7pm – 10pm, every Thursday
Where: Good Games Cannington, 21 Liege St, Cannington
Tickets: Free!

Head on over the the Game Foundry facebook page to see the details on the next events. If you have a game you want to tested, let them know and next time you could be testing it as well!

Game Foundry: Tabletop Testing Night

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Are you a game-maker with a tabletop title you would like to test? Or are you a player of games interested in trying out intriguing works-in-progress and getting a look behind the scenes of game development? well you’re in luck because the next playtest night for Game Foundry, a tabletop-focussed testing event, is coming up.

What: Game Foundry Tabletop Testing Night XXV
When: 7pm – 10pm, Thursday February 11, 2016
Where: Good Games Cannington, 21 Liege St, Cannington
Tickets: Free!

So if you want your game on the list, or you’re ready to try your skills at yet-to-be-released tabletop titles, head on over to the Testing Night XXV event page. You can also check out the Game Foundry Facebook group, to get regular invites to the play test events.

Game Foundry: Play-test night for locally made Tabletop Games

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Play testing is good for game developers, and playing boardgames is fun for gamers, non-gamers and developers alike. So on that note, why not head to the weekly playtest night for locally made tabletop games that is Game Foundry?

What: Game Foundry Tabletop Testing Night
When: 7pm – 10pm, Thursday September 10, 2015
Where: Good Games Cannington, 21 Liege St, Cannington
Tickets: Free!

There will be a range of WA-made tabletop prototypes to test, plus some already published Australian titles to try out. Thursdays nights with Game Foundry are also open board gaming nights, so you can also join in regular games as well.


  • Bloc – Eeshwar’s political strategy game (2 players)
  • Tricky Pirates – Andrew’s tricktaking pirate game (2-4? players)
  • Country Trains – Andrew’s Tile placement train delivery game (2-4? players)
  • Rogue Blitz – RAEZ arcade shooter boardgame (1-4 players)
  • Brainzzz – RAEZ zombie olympics (2-6 players)


  • Rise To Power – Rule & Makes City building card game (2-6player)
  • El Luchador – Senyac Games – Mexical Wrestling card game (2-4 players)
  • COGZ – RAEZ Steam Punk, Mad Science puzzle game (2-6 players)

If you’re keen to test some local games, chat with developers and play a pile of boardgames, head on over to the Game Foundry facebook page.

Let’s Make Games: 2017 End of Year Party

The Let's Make Games logo, featuring a party hat and party horn. Image links to facebook page for Let's Make Games end of year party.

2017 is coming to a close, and what a year it has been! WA has seen award winners at the Tokyo Games Show, the Australian Game Developer Awards, and a shortlisting in Board Game Australia’s Best Australian Game; not to mention several Women in Games Awards recipients! There have been a wide range of events throughout the year to keep us entertained, from PlayUp Perth to the Game Foundry, PotLucks to The Page, and of course the Perth Games Festival, Unconference and Global Game Jam. New opportunities have arisen through successful Kickstarters, microgrants, and jobs, but so too have some doors have closed.

So we would like to invite you, dear community, to join us in celebrating the year that was on Friday, Dec 8th. This is a casual event for all game-makers; come along and say hello, meet new people and have some fun!

What: Let’s Make Games End-Of-Year Gathering
When: Friday 8 December, 7pm till late
Where: The FireHouse, 48 Lake Street (corner of Francis & Lake) Northbridge
RSVP: via Facebook

Other Info: Light nibbles will be supplied, but BYO refreshments (alcohol or otherwise); a drinks fridge is available onsite.


♿ Accessibility: This venue is not wheelchair accessible, due to steps at each entrance. Volunteers are available to assist in moving mobility scooters or wheelchairs over these threshold, but we understand that this is not an optimal situation. We apologise for the inconvenience, and efforts will be made in future to better accomodate all community members.


LMG Letter of Support for the Digital Media Hub

Sent to FORM on 14th February 2012:

To Whom It May Concern,

We are writing in support of The Foundry Digital Media Hub, a FORM project proposal to establish a facility to provide infrastructure, resources, and services at the Midland Atelier to support digital media in Western Australia. Our particular interest in the Digital Media Hub is the potential for greater support of game development in Western Australia.

Games Industry and Cultural Value
The commercial video games industry generates approximately $60 billion annually worldwide, and is growing at a rate of 10% annually. The Australian domestic market is worth approximately $1.5 billion with 9 out of 10 Australian households owning a device for playing games. Locally, the West Australian games industry boasts over 40 game development related businesses, and over half a dozen full-time tertiary education courses throughout the state.

Aside from the commercial games market, games technology is increasingly ubiquitous in a wide range of industries including: mining and resources, education, advertising, and online media. Games are also pervasive in popular culture and a preferred platform for expression by a wave of young artists, designers, and writers who use unique aspects of the medium to engage audiences.

During a recent (16 October 2011) presentation at the Digital Culture Public Sphere event, Hon Simon Crean (Federal Minister for the Arts), described games as “the next iteration of the film industry”. Surprisingly, despite the clear growing value of the games industry, there is very little infrastructure to support game development in Western Australia and the local industry has yet to receive any state government support.

Let’s Make Games Inc.
Let’s Make Games Inc. is the only non-profit organisation actively supporting the game developer community of Western Australia. We engage hundreds of game creators and interact with related organisations locally, interstate, and internationally. Our regular events routinely attract 40-100 participants, our website garners over 5000 visits per month, and our mailing list and social media presence have a weekly reach of over 400 people.

We appreciate FORM’s recognition of game development as a vital factor in the future of digital media, as evidenced by the inclusion of games in the objectives for the Digital Media Hub. We also feel that collaboration between game developers and other industries is crucial to prepare for increasing consumer expectation of richer interactive experiences.

We look forward to working closely with FORM to identify how the Digital Media Hub can maximally benefit the local game developer community. We believe that the coordination of the Digital Media Hub with our practical experience and knowledge of the local game developer community will also result in substantial benefit for related creative industries and Western Australia.

From Let’s Make Games Inc.