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Help evaluate a serious game for Social Change

If you have experience in game design and development, your thoughts and feedback could aid research on a specialised game that raises awareness on the complexities of domestic violence. The project is set to be tested on Android, and is titled ‘Gaming for Social Change: how a video game can be designed to help family and friends support those experiencing domestic violence’.

About the Project

Susannah Emery, a PhD student at Curtin University and a Lecturer at the University of South Australia is currently working with a team to develop a game designed to help family and friends support those experiencing Domestic Violence. She is currently seeking individuals who have experience in game design/development to undertake an evaluation of the game demo.

Those interested in undertaking the evaluation will need to have access to an Android device and be willing to complete an evaluation feedback form that will be provided by the researcher.

To find out more…

If you have questions about the project, or are interested in helping evaluate it, please get in touch with the Susannah directly via Susannah.emery [AT]

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