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Let’s Make Games Statement regarding Abusive Behaviour in the Industry

This past week has seen people locally and internationally sharing experiences through social media of sexual assault, abuse and misconduct from within the game development industry. It is never easy to talk about past trauma, but we hear you, and we believe you.

Let’s Make Games exists to support the local games industry, and that means we cannot and will not tolerate abusers within our community. The LMG Committee recognises that in the past, the organisation has not had the kind of policies or powers in place to allow for clear and enforceable consequences for abusive behaviours. This is something we have been working on changing for several months now, and these updates will soon be in place alongside the existing community guidelines and safe space policy.

Let’s Make Games will continue to work to represent, support, and provide a welcoming community, for every game developer in Western Australia. If you have been a victim of abuse, we offer our help and support. We also encourage anyone impacted by these discussions to reach out to professional services that can help you through this time. You are not alone, and we are here for you. Please do not be afraid to reach out to us, whether it be in person, through our social media channels, or via email on contact [at]

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