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Arbalest 3035 Out Now

Arbalest 3035 - Screenshot Header

We do our best to keep an eye out for new games made right here in WA, but alas, every now and again something cool slips under our radar. One such game is Arbalest 3035 by Bear-Tooth Studios, which combines beautiful abstract patterns and chaotic friend-destroying local multiplayer.

“Arbalest 3035 is a local multiplayer space shooter. With a fast paced movement and abstract art style, this game is a visually stimulating chaotic experience for you and your friends. Being built and developed in a party setting this game works best when played locally at parties with friends.”

Not only does the game have its own sense of style, it also has a unique power-up system that allows you to ‘build your own’ powers based on the different coloured orbs you collect. So if you’re interested in trying out a shiny space shooter, Arbalest 3035 is available now on PC, Mac and Linux for $2.50 over at their page. Or if Steam is more your gaming-space, head on over to Greenlight and give it a vote!

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