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Experience Virtual Reality this Saturday!

Perth VR Jam is having another public open day, where you can stop by to try out the latest in VR technology and playtest locally developed VR games!

Here are the details:

  • Time/Date: 1pm-3pm Saturday 17 August 2013
  • Location: 816 Hay Street (upstairs and to the right)
  • Cost: FREE

Perth VR Jam Update

It’s been a big week for the VR Jam Perth Hub. We received four development kits from Oculus/IndieCade so now everyone who wants to make VR games in Perth can have access to a headset for testing. That’s awesome!

Perth VR Jammers have been working for almost two weeks now on their games for the Oculus/IndieCade VR Jam, and some are looking pretty sweet indeed. Most games should be playable tomorrow, so stop by to try out:

  • A “reverse dungeon crawler” in which you solve puzzles to escape up through levels of a dungeon being flooded with water
  • A bob-sleigh game in which you have to lean and turn to stay on a high-speed downhill track
  • The Manor of Madness! Can you escape the manor while keeping your sanity?
  • Hang-glide your way through a serene virtual environment
  • Defend your tower from waves of enemies who attack from all directions
  • … and more! 😀

There’s a milestone due tomorrow (gameplay videos), and we will be posting videos to the VR Jam Perth Hub tumblr. So follow us at:

Getting here!

We’ve put together a small photo gallery to help you find the VR Jam Perth Hub and to give you an idea as to what to expect:

Thank you, thank you!

Thanks again to our venue sponsor, Gresley Abas. The VR Jam would not have been possible without the fantastic space you’ve provided for us. Be sure to check out the other cool stuff they are doing when Open House Perth comes around.

A huge thanks also to our prize sponsor, Red Griffin Games. They’re just a quick walk down Hay Street, so be sure to stop by to let them know you appreciate their support for the VR Jam Perth Hub. The store is a huge geek/gamer paradise. 🙂

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