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Global Game Jam 2013 Wrap-up

It was a big weekend, full of jamming and creativity and joy and despair and stress eating, but we all made it through! The Perth Global Game Jam was a huge success, all thanks to our wonderful sponsors, volunteers and organisers.

To see the games that came out of Perth’s game jam, visit the Perth GGJ game page. There’s fifteen games there to look at and play – and please leave comments for the creators!

And The Winner Is…

This year Microsoft Australia have sponsored a Judge’s Award, which was deliberated on and decided by our three guest judges after the game jam presentations. We would like to announce Adventricule as the winner of the 2013 Judges’ Award at Perth Global Game Jam.

Congratulations to the Adventricule team, and all of the participating teams.

If you find yourself with some spare minutes free, take the time to check out the games made in Perth this weekend!

Say Cheese!

And of course, it’s not Game Jam without the rogues gallery of sleep-deprived jammers. Here’s some happy snaps of the event taken by Rich in between bouts of jamming.


Once more, we’d like to thank our sponsors Edith Cowan University, Savage Cabbage and Microsoft Australia, our volunteers, caterers, organisers, and of course, our jammers. Thank you all for an excellent weekend; we’re already excited about next year’s game jam!

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  1. Nice work Perth and congrats to the Adventricle team, your game looks darn good for a weekend.

  2. JaydenB JaydenB

    Any chance the presentations will be posted up sometime? I had to leave half way through so I missed most of them 🙁

  3. Anthony Anthony

    Hi Jayden!

    Unfortunately I don’t think we captured any of the presentations for later viewing. Given the 2 minute time frame though, most of the presentations were just quick run-throughs of the games, which you can replicate by playing them yourself. 😀

  4. Minh Minh

    Hey Jadyen,

    Sorry you missed some of the presentations 🙁

    We could check to see if Peter and the documentary guys managed to record part of the presentations… ?

  5. JaydenB JaydenB

    Don’t worry about it. I’ll just get around to playing all the games because as Anthony said that’s all that really happened at the presentations anyway! 🙂

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