R18+ classification call to action!

Cameron Royal from Sandbox Software recently posted a call to action on the PIGMI mailing list regarding the upcoming Attorneys-General meeting to determine the fate of the introduction of an R18+ classification for video games in Australia.

Here is the letter that I wrote to our state Attorney-General, Christian Porter:

Mr Christian Porter MLA,

You will soon meet with other Attorneys-General to decide whether an R18+ classification for video games should be introduced to Australia.

There is overwhelming public support for the introduction of an R18+ classification (somewhere between 80% and 98% according to a recent Galaxy national telephone survey and the results of public consultation). The Federal Government recently indicated its support for an R18+ classification, but the final decision requires approval from the Attorneys-General.

In your inaugural speech to the Western Australia parliament, you noted that you are a social individualist:

“Simply put, collectively we all gain if each of us permits the other to live as seems best to ourselves, rather than compelling individuals and their families to live in a manner that seems best to one or another powerful group or the government of the day.”

I also feel that Australians must be allowed to live as seems best to themselves, and I strongly believe that this necessarily includes allowing Australian adults to make their own choices regarding which video games they play, and informing their decisions regarding which video games their children may play.

Allowing the government or any powerful lobby group to enforce a minority view (that video games not suitable for 15 year-old children must be refused classification and banned from sale in Australia) is entirely counter to the tenets of social individualism and representative democracy. As an elected member of parliament and advocate of social justice, it is your responsibility to ensure that these tenets are upheld.

I ask that you support the introduction of an R18+ classification for video games in Australia.


– Nick Lowe

Let’s Make Games

The Attorneys-General meeting will take place within the next few days, so please take the time to write a letter today if you want your voice to be heard!

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