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The cake is a lie… so have some pie

Our next event will be next Friday and this time it isn’t purely a social affair!


  • Time/Date: 5:30pm – 7:30pm / Friday June 4, 2010
  • Location: eCentral (TAFE), 140 Royal St, East Perth
  • Description: Short talks on Python and Game Development

We’ve invited local game developers Simon Wittber and Chris McCormick to present short versions of talks that they are preparing for PyCon AU 2010 over in Sydney.

Here’s the flyer (click image for a print-ready version):

In keeping with the “Py” theme, there will be pie. Or is that a lie? Is this going to be some sort of pie-con? (Our sincere apologies for that pun.)

Hope to see you there!
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Note: We’re experimenting with more technical events based on community feedback. If this goes well (good turnout and responses), we may seek to run more. Do you have something interesting to present? Or something that you would like to see a presentation on? Let us know!

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Update: Fixed typo. Event is until 7:3pm (not 8:30pm) and doors close at 8:00pm. Sorry for the confusion!

Let’s Make GameJam!

The next Perth GameJam will kick off next Friday (May 1).

With that in mind, this month’s event will be an opportunity to learn about GameJam, play previous entries, and find some like-minded people to jam with!


Here’s a flyer (click image for printable version):


There will be computer labs available for people to show off their portfolios and previous work. We’d like to extend a huge thanks for eCentral TAFE for providing the venue.

Please be sure to RSVP so that we can arrange for drinks ($1 softdrinks) and food ($2 hotdogs: meat or vegetarian) weather permitting.