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Photos from BBQ 2012

LMG BBQ 2012:

Thanks to everyone for coming down to our BBQ.  It was quite nice to catch up with a lot of old friends as well as meeting a whole bunch of new people.  We had a bit of trouble securing a gazebo this time around as it was quite crowded but we’ll strive to put down the LMG flag earlier next time.  Here’s a couple of photos from the event and we hope to see you again sometime soon at our next events!  Stay tuned for more info.


Related News:

We’ve changed our Facebook page so now everyone can post to our wall! Feel free to discuss upcoming events, post photos and video from previous events or just talk about games.



Videos and photos from our presentation, panel discussion, and networking event with ScreenWest

Our longest ever post title (unverified) is probably also our most descriptive!

Following are all videos (five in a playlist) of the presentation and panel discussion (held at the Alexander Library) we ran with ScreenWest:

The first video is a brief presentation we gave on games. The basic premise was something along the lines of:

Interactive Media + Mechanics = Gameplay

Obviously the talk was a little more involved. The purpose was to encourage people who work in any form of media to consider game mechanics as ways to enhance audience investment and engagement, and to get local game developers to consider various media aspects (story, themes) that complement mechanics and enhance gameplay.

Chiefly, we wanted to ensure that attendees all had a shared basic knowledge of games so that they could all maximally benefit from the panel discussion and networking event. (Based on turnout and subsequent feedback, it went quick well!)

Here are some photos from the following networking event (held across the road at the Brass Monkey):

Special thanks to Richard and Ben for producing these videos and photos.

Let’s Make Party photos

Let’s Make Party was awesome!

We won’t go on about it much aside from saying a final round of thanks, and then leaving you some photos.

Thanks again to our sponsors: Different Methods, Rockethands, DrewFX, Binary Space, and Handwritten Games. Thanks to the team of organisers and volunteers: Minh, Anthony, Ben, Rich, and Saxon. Thanks to Chris to the selection of chip-tunes. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the showreel, and to Lisa and Nigel for demonstrating their games. Thanks to everyone who was interviewed by our videographers. Thanks to the Universal Bar & Cafe who were the best hosts we could ever hope for.

From everyone here at Let’s Make Games, have a great holiday season. We’ll see you next year!

Now onto some photos (also, keep an eye for a video of the event in future):

iParty 2.0 photos

iParty 2.0 was a great success with around 100 people attending!

Thanks to everyone who attended (you make organising these events worthwhile), our volunteers (Stewart, Brett, Alex, Saxon, Steve, Nigel, John, Sam, Simon, Anthony), and our sponsors (Different Methods, the Innovation Centre, Subversive Games, Rockethands, Black Lab Games, and Reveries Virtual World):


Special thanks also to all companies that contributed to the showreel (apologies to Binary Space for not getting their “Class 3 Outbreak” teaser in) and to Game Pride for bringing along some laptops to demonstrate their latest game “Boo!”. Thanks also to Ben, who took most of the photos.

Here are some photos from the night in chronological order:

We made beautiful music

Last night’s Guitar Hero: World Tour competition and social night was super fun.

Turn-out was a less than normal (just over 20 people – maybe people were intimidated by the music-game-ed-ness of it all), but it didn’t matter one iota.

I’m not sure that any words written here could do it justice, so I’ll just leave it to videos (on our brand new YouTube channel!) and photos.

Here’s a compilation video of how the evening progressed:

And here’s the complete encore performance of the competition winners, Rainbow Stance:

Finally, here are the photos (I was very conscientious to take a lot of photos this time!):

Note: Know of any other local games community/industry videos/groups on YouTube? Let us know so that we can add them to our favourites list!

Show Us Your Bits write-up and photos

The LetsMakeGames.org May 2009 mixer event – Show Us Your Bits – had a fantastic turnout of over 40 professionals, students, hobbyists and interested public eager to showcase and play the latest projects and gamejams from Perth developers.

Hosted at the Wineroom at the back of the Brass Monkey, there were delicious finger foods and a toasty fireplace to keep everyone warm against the chill outside. A projector displayed numerous projects-in-development, gamejams and screenshots to the entire room while a table of computers along the back wall showcased some great games.

The following games were featured on the PCs:

Title: Bubble Blast!
Author: Rohan Anchan

Title: Mazeman
Author: Kieran McDonald

Title: Copperhead
Author: Sam Zeid

Title: Locked In
Authors: Sam Zeid, Neha Shatas, Mitchel Curtis, Nicholas Garel, Stephen Morghan, Jovin Jovinson, Simon Jonikis and Nichole Lisson

Thanks to everyone who attended, and a special thanks and congratulations to everyone who brought their games for people to play. It was great to have so many people enjoying the handiworks of local developers, and is a good sign of things to come for the Perth scene!