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Scourge of Tethys Released


It is a well known fact that outer space is a dangerous place filled with fast-moving alien perils. Since the earliest days of video games, this final frontier has been safe only for those with the fastest reflexes, whose heroic deeds are rewarded with glory and the satisfying ‘pew pew’ of lasers.

Scourge of Tethys is a pixel space shooter by Jonathon Morald, that draws on those simple but satisfying space games of old. In it you are tasked with defending your home moon, Tethys, from an endless horde of increasingly complex alien crafts. Simply shoot the aliens to increase your score and survive for as long as you can!

Scourge of Tethys is out now for only $2, and is available for PC, Mac and Linux, with both keyboard and gamepad controls. If you’re keen to do your part to save Tethys, simply head on over to the 3rd moon of Saturn and check it out.