Casual/action game. Age rating: estimate 12, depends on how graphic the vomit effects are (if any are included – it’s still undergoing development & change).

It’s an iPhone game, of which the premise is to fling sauce at hungry, big mouthed customers. If you feed them the wrong sauce they will be faced with severe dietary consequences and/or vomiting, and you will be faced with their wrath! If your customers aren’t enjoying your sauce splatters, then switch to the mixing station to stir up ingredients to make some fresh tasty sauces.


  • Website:
  • Developer(s): RocketHands – so far: Rob Barnett, Jack Casey, Simon Boxer. Others may contribute later.
  • Publisher(s): RocketHands/Apple
  • Platform(s): iPhone/iPodTouch
  • Release Date(s): TBA



(April 2010)

The RocketHands team have released two iPhone games so far: RocketFuse and Space Crash. Sauciere is quite a departure in that it doesn’t feature any rockets! It was designed over a delicious meal at Toto’s by Jack, Simon and Rob, after a more serious RocketHands meeting. While brainstorming game ideas, the premise was to come up with a game design on any topic. Surveying the food in front of us, the topic was sauce (or food). A small tech demo was put together in October 09 by Jack, and Simon mocked up some amusing art work. It was then put on hold while the IZ implosion really took effect between Nov 09 and March 10. Then Rob picked up development and has been making steady progress since then, although this has slowed of late due to working on another project (not RocketHands related).

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