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RocketFuse is a fun, fast paced puzzle game. With rockets! Your rocket ship is stuck at the bottom of a cave and all you have to help you escape is a crate-load of thrusters. Simply drag your finger over the screen to attach them to your ship and blast your way to freedom! Dragging longer lines will give you longer fuses and larger thrusters for more extreme propulsion! – Simple intuitive controls. – Cute cardboard graphic style. – Original music and quirky sound effects. – 12 levels with 24 medals to collect. RocketFuse is fun for everyone, regardless of age and gaming skill. Getting your ship into the air is so easy – now even grandma can take a rocket for a spin around the caves. Or get serious and collect all of the time and efficiency achievement medals like a pro rocketeer! RocketFuse is rated 4+ for Apple App Store.