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Rally Challenge


Rally Challenge is a rally game featuring three vehicles: the Proton Wira, the Toyota Celica GT4 and the Subaru Impreza WRX. Gameplay is based on running a rally stage – a twisty section of road with snow, mud, asphalt or dirt. The player can choose to run a single stage, a “ghost race” against a previous run, or a championship season.For the championship, you race all of the stages available against up to 9 other players – either human competitors or computer AI. As the races are done without any other cars on track, it is done by turn-by-turn. The game also offers a replay mode with the ability to save. Through a serial link or over a network, you can race against another human player.


  • Developer(s): Silver Lightning Software
  • Publisher(s): Roadshow Interactive
  • Platform(s): PC (Windows 95)
  • Release Date(s): 1/5/1997





The cars featured in Rally Challenge were endorsed by the relevant manufacturer motorsport teams, in exchange for in-game advertising. The 3D engine that powers Rally Challenge is completely CPU-based. The first 3D cards appeared on the market around the same time the game was released. In Australia, the game was released with a free T-shirt in the box. It was translated into French, German and Italian for release in Europe. The game was demonstrated to Chris Deering, founder of the Sony Playstation Europe devision at ECTS in 1996, who described it as “an achievement on the PC”.