OsXs is Frosty Badger’s take on the classic game of Noughts and Crosses (also known as Tic Tac Toe) for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Playing the game is very simple: each player takes it in turn to place their pieces (either naughts or crosses) onto a 3 × 3 grid. To win, a player must have three of their pieces in a row, a column or a diagonal line. If the grid is full and neither player has managed three in a row, the game is a draw.

OsXs can be played single player (against the computer) or with a friend. Single player has two difficulty levels – easy (suitable for beginners and younger players) and hard (you’ll have to apply some experience and strategy!). A counter for each player displays the number of rounds won. When the counter hits 10, the game is over and the counter is reset.

OsXs has more than one look and sound! To cycle through its selection of themes, simply shake the device! Currently there are 3 themes: classic, tech and egypt. We’re hoping to add more of them in future updates.




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