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Orbeats is a funky, indie take on the music game genre, challenging users to tap, slide and hold the ‘orbs’ which are uniquely programmed to the beat of the base tracks.

With catchy tracks and an addictive high-score pursuit, the game has exchanged the traditional gaudy interface of most games with a much more classic and relaxed, indie feel.

The pumping music base is ever-changing, with new tracks ‘unlocked’ as the user reaches higher target scores. The beat guides the user to work the orbs, which increases with intensity and difficulty as the track naturally moves from verse to chorus and beyond.

Trophies are awarded for high scores and users can store their trophies in their very own trophy room. High scores and trophies can be shared via a social media plug in, keeping users connected and competing.

Orbeats is adaptable for the casual user, music-head, or hard core gamer, with multiple difficulty levels and an engaging, easy to use
interface. With a specialised mode for children, the game is also ideal for the littlies.

Future game releases include albums, tracks and play-lists from popular Australian and International artists, allowing users to preview new music and get up-close and personal with their favourite artists. This will also include customised screen artwork, such as album covers or band images.

Fresh, funky and unexpectedly cool, Orbeats brings something new to the music game scene.