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Demonic Deeds


The Demonic Deeds Platforming Series is a set of small platforming games created
using Gamemaker7 pro which are based on an RPG currently in its design process
with the same name. Each specific platforming game was modeled to replicate a
particular quest from the RPG, and change it into a single hero jumping through
the levels firing magical projectiles at the various enemies and bosses.


  • Website: Demonic Deeds
  • Developer(s): Jake Bamford
  • Publisher(s): Jake Bamford
  • Platform(s): PC
  • Release Date(s): 2011



Demonic Deeds Series:


All the design work, involving sprites and programming, were created by Jake Bamford while the music and sound effects were gathered from various sources. Jake Bamford claims no ownership of any sounds featured in these games. The following are the main two sources of the songs: