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Ancient Evil


Ancient Evil is an isometric RPG/Full of swords, sorcerers and spells, you’ll be exploring caverns and caves as you play hack and slash with over 30 monsters. The environment is completely interactive with special effects that include all the normal blood and gore, plus smoke, fire and tremendous magical spells. Your base character can specialize in either spellcasting or hand-to-hand combat, and attributes improve through fighting and spell casting.Enter the Crypt of “The Ancients”, if you dare. Huge rewards await should you live to tell the tale.


  • Developer(s): Silver Lightning Software
  • Publisher(s): Roadshow Interactive
  • Platform(s): PC
  • Release Date(s): 1/5/1998




Ancient Evil was the third retail game developed by Silver Lightning Software, and the second to be published by Roadshow Interactive. The graphics technology that powered Ancient Evil is reasonably interesting for it’s time. Although the environment is comprised of sprites, they are lit as if 3D. Characters in the game are 3D models, meaning that 360 degree movement is possible. (Other isometric games at the time, such as Ultima 8 and Diablo only allowed 8-direction movement). Finally, the 3D characters projected shadows into the floor and walls – something unique for 1998! The engine was software-based, however a 3D accelerated version made for the 3Dfx graphics cards was produced, using the proprietary Glide API. It featured colored lighting.