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Ancient Evil: Curse of the Snake Cult


A cult of snake worshippers, the Ophilia Sect, is responsible for the murder of the rightful King of Olyndsia. Play a special agent of the Royal Guard to seek out and destroy the cult and its leader.Choose to be a spell-casting wizard or a hack-and-slash warrior in this single-player role playing game. Improve your base character’s skills as you battle over 30 monsters in real time combat. Cast one of the 30 magical spells, or use one of many weapons, and watch the screen come alive with special effects including real-time lightning and shadows. The high-resolution 3D environment is fully interactive so you can read the books, sleep in the beds and more. The interface is mouse-driven with keyboard shortcuts and uses an “enhanced” version of the original Ancient Evil gaming engine


  • Developer(s): Silver Lightning Software
  • Publisher(s): Silver Lightning Software
  • Platform(s): PC
  • Release Date(s): 1/8/2001




Ancient Evil: Curse of the Snake Cult was an experiment in using digital distribution. It was released in 2001. The games used an upgraded version of the 3D-accelerated Ancient Evil game engine.