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Spinfast is an exciting new Australian game development house, gathering talent from around the country. The team is deliberately small and spritely, with experience that belies its jaunty step and sparkling eyes. Drawing on talent filtered through Aussie game companies like MicroForte, Big World, Red Tribe, FuzzyEyes, Silver Lightning and Interzone. Spinfast was founded by Robert Spencer who successfully founded and launched Interzone Entertainment in Perth, Western Australia, before he decided to set-up a second, more intimate studio boasting a hand-picked team for a special project. To that end, Spinfast isn’t just dedicated to making fun games (we’d hope that dedication would be a given for anyone in this biz), but it is also dedicated to making smart, handcrafted games. Games that are a little different, but can be described with a few hand gestures and a bit of imagination. Spinfast’s first titles, Cricket & Baseball, combine compelling gameplay mechanics with an equally compelling target market, and has already seen significant commercial success.



  • Contact person: Robert J Spencer
  • Postal address: Suite 104, 396 Scarborough Beach Rd, Osborne Park, WA 6017
  • Contact email: