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The Games In Progress Forum

It’s that special time of year, where we announce our May event!

The Games In Progress Forum

It’s time to talk games! Specifically, let’s talk about the games we’re working on; the problems that have us stumped, and the discoveries that have made us leap from our workstations. There will be two keynote presentations from Brad Power (RocketHands) and Aranda Morrison (Gnomic Studios) about their works in progress, plus we’ll be looking for more mini-presentations from the community! For more information, see details below.

Due to the limited seats at the venue, this event is ticketed (but still free). Please make sure to register at Eventbrite to secure your position!

When: Wednesday 22nd May, 6:30pm (first presentation starts at 7pm)
Where: QANTM, SAE College, 3-5 Bennet Street, East Perth
Entry: Free!
Tickets: At Eventbrite.
Facebook?: Facebook!

So get your ticket, bring your games in progress, and come see what other Perth game developers are working on.

Looking for speakers

We’ve got six five-minute slots for developers to give a quick demonstration and/or presentation of their current works in progress. We’re looking for demos from all levels of experiences, from students to professional. If you have something you’ve been working on that you’d like to show off, please send an email to with details about your project.

Networking and problem solving

Part of this event’s purpose is to help developers find other collaborators to help fill the holes in their game project. To this end, we’ll have some networking games and job boards available to help you find that perfect artist, coder, designer or audio engineer for your game. If your looking for like-minded collaborators to work with, or projects to bring your specialised skills to, this will be the place to find them.

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  1. Jack Jack

    You haven’t added this event to the calendar or sidebar! 🙂

  2. Anthony Anthony

    Thanks Jack, I’d forgotten about the calendar!

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