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LMG Showcase 2012 Voting Results

The votes have finally been counted and verified and we’d love to congratulate:

osu! : LMG Showcase 2012 Voted Best Game

Freedom Fall : LMG Showcase 2012 $300 Prize Winner

The prize originally was awarded to osu! but they gracefully declined, so the prize was awarded to second place Freedom Fall. Congratulations to both developers peppyhax and Lisa Rye and the Stirfire team! For the curious, here are the top ten voted games for this year’s showcase:

  1. osu!
  2. Freedom Fall
  3. Legacy of Barubash
  4. Halfling Heist (boardgame)
  5. Tank Game (sorry we’ll have signs next time!)
  6. Montana Brown and the Beanstalk
  7. Godai
  8. KROOG
  9. Halfling Heist (PC)
  10. Connectorium

Huge thanks go to our event sponsors Qantm, FTI and eCentral. Image courtesy of asenat29

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