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LMG Showcase Prize Announcement (Updated Rules #2)


Let’s Make Games Inc. is excited to announce that thanks to our sponsors Qantm and FTI, we are able to offer a prize for the best LMG Showcase 2012 game! The prize being offered is $300 sponsorship to go towards attending Freeplay 2012 or towards further developing your game.

If you’d like to enter this competition, email events ‘at’ with the details of your game (or game to be!).  Conditions apply (see below).

Voting will be done on the day by showcasers, LMG committee members and sponsors and winners will be announced on the day.

Competition Rules

  1. Prize
    1. $300 contributed towards a trip to Freeplay 2012 or towards further developing your game (receipts must be provided)
    2. The prize cannot be awarded to Let’s Make Games Inc. committee members
      1. In the situation that a Committee members wins, the prize will be awarded to the next highest ranked team (see voting below)
  2. Eligiblity
    1. The competition is open to individuals and teams (which count as a single entrant) who are showcasing a game at the 2012 Let’s Make Games Showcase on August 25th 2012
    2. Entries must have been produced or initially released after July 1 2011
    3. Entries must have been produced by a team composed of at least 50% WA resident game developers
    4. You can showcase more than one game, but only one game is nominated for the prize vote
    5. Entries that use technology or content produced prior to July 1 2011 must state this in their application
    6. Games must be playable (functional prototypes are fine)
    7. Let’s Make Games Inc. reserves the right in its sole discretion to decide whether an entry may compete in the competition. Lets Make Games Inc.’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  3. Voting
    1. Voting forms allow entrants to assign points (based on rankings) to all other games (excluding their own entry)
      1. As each team is considered a single entrant, only one voting form can be submitted per team
    2. Each Let’s Make Games Inc. Committee member can submit one voting form
      1. In the case that a Let’s Make Games Inc. Committee member is also an entrant, they can only submit a form as an entrant
    3. If present at the event, event sponsors can submit one voting form per sponsor
  4. Recommendations
    1. We highly recommend that entrants submit their games to the Freeplay awards (closing date 20 August 2012)
  5. Responsibilities
    1. Eventual prize winner must submit a blog post from Freeplay or about their game progress (and thanking sponsors) via our WordPress site
  6. Let’s Make Games Inc. reserves the right to amend these guidelines as required.

Image courtesy of asenat29

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  1. Guy Incognito Guy Incognito

    So no voting allowed via Facebook or anything that can be stacked?

  2. Minh Minh

    Nope no voting on FB

    Homer, who is Homer?

  3. What’s the go with Freeplay anyway? I’ve asked to put my games in the arcade section and they were slow to respond. I see there are still crowd funding. Is it on or not?

  4. Minh Minh

    Well it looks like they doubled their crowd funding goal so I imagine it must be going ahead 😛

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