Monthly Archive for October, 2011

Post CHOGM Bloggin’

With a chocolate brownie mountain sustaining us today (expertly crafted by our videographer Ben Hammersley) we have some news to report before our sugar high crashes! Brownie points for whoever can guess which game this scene depicts (answer in the comments).

Pozible Funding Drive

We’ve got two weeks left on our Pozible drive and have published some more details on where the monies will be spent. Obviously, it’s not going to an undisclosed bank account in the Bahamas.

Theatre Games

We recently met with WAYTCO last week and discussed some aspects behind game design and introduced them to the social game ‘Ninja’. Yattaa! It was great fun seeing theatre combined with street games and wish them good luck for their next production. Hopefully some game mechanics will feature!

Local Game Release: Orbeats

Congratulations to WRK Studios on releasing their first game, Orbeats. Our very own secretary Rich Kong is part of the three person team. Currently they’re fifth on the music game category of the Australian app store. It is also local indie game publisher Stirfire Studios‘ first game. We wish them well!

National Cultural Policy Review Report

Now onto more serious news, if you were wondering what eventuated out of Digital Culture Public Sphere discussions, a report has been released on Kate Lundy’s website.

Our favourite quote from the event is this pearl of wisdom from Simon Crean:

“The games industry is in effect the next iteration of the film industry, because it embraces interaction.”

The WA game development community is well-represented in the report with many of the points arising form our Roundtable discussion featuring in the top 10 suggestions in the Game Development section. How’s that for east-coast / west-coast game developer solidarity!

Website updates

We’ve recently added the following pages to our website:

If you are based in WA and would like to see your developer profile or game listed on this website, please get in contact with us.

End of year party (RSVP!)

Our end of year party is coming up and we’re putting together a show reel which will be screened on the day. If you would like to have your game included just provide us with a link to your video (Youtube only) by Friday the 25th of November.

We’d also like to remind and encourage everyone to RSVP for the end of year party (either via the contact page or our Facebook event page). We tend to get a whole bunch of last minute RSVPs and then a bunch more people who turn up on the night.

It’s fantastic that people turn up, but we really want to make sure that we have the right amount of food and enough space for everyone. So please RSVP ASAP, invite your friends and remind them to RSVP too! It’s the easiest way that you can help us out!


Victory, Squares and Tunes!

It’s Pozible!

Good news! Our Pozible drive is 100% funded, and it smells like victory. (In fact, we made our goal within 48 hours!) Thanks to the support of these generous sponsors, we can meet the minimum costs of hosting our end of year party:

  • Kamil Czajko from Kactus Games
  • Souri, your friend and mine from Tsumea
  • Rowan Parker, expat designer working at Q-Games
  • Exceptional Minecrafter and all round good guy, Sam Thomas
  • John Chillemi, our very first sponsor (first high-fives!)
  • The mysterious and enigmatic Jetha Chan
  • And the perpetually-rocking Felix Wai

Even though we have reached our initial goal, this is just the minimum required to put on a satisfactory party. Possibly with balloons, but maybe not. With your further support, we can provide more food, better games and an awesome party! You have another 21 days (until November 14th) to pledge your support and show how much you love what we do.

Also, don’t forget to RSVP on our Facebook event page. As an added incentive, we’ll be having a special RSVP Door Prize draw; click that Attending button to be in the running for the mystery prize!

Square Off for free?!

Gnomic Studio has released a free Windows Phone version of their XBLIG hit Square Off. The release of the free version coincides with full game’s v1.3 update, which includes a number of bug fixes and brand new leaderboards! Check out the free square action and let Gnomic know what you think.

Tuneful Tidbit Taste Test

Wrk Studio have posted a musical preview for their upcoming note-tapping iOS game Orbeats. Take a listen, and then check out their recent trailer which we’ve also embedded below:

Games are for everyone!

End-of-Year Party!

It’s announcement time, people! The Let’s Make Games End of Year Party is next month, and not only do we have a host of juicy details, but we also have a spectacular Pozible crowdfunding drive to raise funds for the event.

The party’s theme is “Games are for everyone!“, and is open to anyone involved and interested in game development in Western Australia. As anyone who attended last year’s party knows, our end of year party has become the premier social networking event for game creators in Perth.

We have the venue booked and entertainment planned, but we need help from you, our community!, to make this party MEGA-AWESOME. We’re raising funds through Pozible to make sure we can provide enough food and entertainment for everyone that comes to the party. Help us make this party as awesome as possible and pledge your support at Pozible. There are shout-out rewards for any community member that donate $10 or more, plus corporate sponsorship options that include dedications on our showreel and high-fives!

So if you’re a fan of Let’s Make Games, help us out; the more money we raise, the better the party will be!


  • What: Let’s Make Games Inc. End of Year Party 2011
  • When: Sunday 27th November, 3:00 – 7:00pm
  • Where: Universal Bar, 221 William Street, Northbridge, WA 6003
  • Description: A social event for Perth game developers. The theme is “Games are for everyone!”. Attendance is free! Venue is licensed.
  • RSVP: In comment, via the contact form, or on the Facebook event page.
Please be sure to RSVP ASAP, as it will help us with catering! We’ll post more details as November 27 approaches.

Local Game Developer Roll-call

We are currently doing a roll-call for local game developers. If we’ve missed you (e.g. if there is no link to you on our website or we’re not following you on twitter). Let us know.

Last Chance to Vote for Game Ideas

We’ve been harping on about the Digital Culture Public Sphere on Game Development for a few weeks now. A number of ideas have been added on their wiki and it is open for votes.

Here are some of the ideas that we submitted:

And here are some of the ideas that we rather like:

Please take the time to read through the games submissions and vote for what makes sense to you. This is a great opportunity to have your opinions put to the government, and you only have until this Thursday (20 October!) to vote.

Post to the Let’s Make Games Inc. Website

Ever wondered if you could post on our blog? Now you can!  Before you start spamming, there are some limitations on what you can post. So if  you have a job vacancy you’d like to advertise, just released a locally developed game, and so on, let everyone know.

Games are THE FUTURE

Missed us? Perhaps not if you were using Planet PIGMI to keep up with local game indie dev news. After being out of action for the last few weeks it is back up! Thanks to chrism for his fixes.

Last Sunday we held our round table discussion at the Loftus Public Library. A big thank you to all those who took some time out of their Sunday to contribute (and for those who couldn’t make it but sent us their responses anyway). You can find our posts on the Digital Culture Public Sphere wiki.

The wiki is an interesting read, and we encourage local game developers to take a look. Here’s one of our favourite quotes:

Developers should develop a cultural and artistic voice separate from that defined by the established screen industry, both in their engagement with existing dialogue, but also in terms defined by the strengths, weaknesses, and audience of games as a medium. [Paul Callaghan]

Thanks to Paul Callaghan for articulating so well a position shared by many game creators. Check out his presentation to the Digital Culture Public Sphere (games development) above. You can also watch the recording of the livestream event.

Lastly, keep an eye out for our Pozible crowdfunding project for our end of year party! We want to give the community a chance to support us and make our party shenanigans as awesome as possible. We’ll let you know when the project is up, and whatever spare change you can pledge will go towards providing even more delicious snacks, tantalising treats and general good times. More details to come soon!