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Pitch a game to Tourism WA!

All our regular presentation spots for What’s Up Pitches?! have been filled, but we have up to three additional spots available for people to pitch a game to Quie Ying from Tourism WA.

This represents a fantastic opportunity for local game developers to focus on how to design a game that meets a client’s needs. You can get direct immediate feedback and who knows where a convincing pitch may lead! (Note: This is an exercise in developing and presenting an idea, and getting constructive feedback on it. It is not part of an actual tender process.)

Here’s a video from Tourism WA that make us want to visit Ningaloo Reef:

Can you pitch a game that creates the same feeling of wanderlust?

If you feel that you can put together the perfect pitch for the following brief, reply here or contact us and get ready to present this Friday (27 May 2011)!

Overview / background:

The client, Tourism WA, is a State government agency whose core role is to promote Western Australia as a holiday destination to primarily a domestic market as well as key international markets. As part of our branding Tourism WA markets the State as a place where visitors can have an extraordinary experience. Further to this we also promote WA in the form of 11 – 12 key ‘trips’ or ‘journeys’ and in doing so help potential visitors realise how to best see and do WA.  To further promote the State as a vibrant destination we also promote the many natural and non-natural events taking place. Our messaging is also segmented along passion points of: food and wine, arts and culture, outdoor and sports.


How can Tourism WA by way of a game engage with a wide ranging audience on the broad subject of a holiday to Western Australia?  Should the game serve to inspire or educate players and how does the game help Tourism WA realise its ongoing challenge of measuring awareness of the destination through to intention to travel to booking a holiday?


  • Tourism WA needs to demonstrate parity across the various destinations across the State. For more information on the five regions in WA and their key destinations please visit this page.
  • The game needs to be suitable for all ages.
  • Elements of our brand if not our logo need to be included in the design of our game.


  • Tourism WA is open to exploring social gaming that can be promoted on our existing social channels.
  • The game can be played between more than one person.
  • Although we would look to provide this game for free consideration needs to be given to partner sponsorship opportunities (e.g.: including Qantas Holidays, Webjet, Flight Centre or any other travel supplier in the game mechanics). We would look to offset the costs of the development by way of sponsors.


What’s up Pitches?! this Friday!

OMG! It’s almost time for the most hotly anticipated games community event this year! (possibly ever): What’s Up Pitches!? is this Friday (27 May 2011) in the theatrette at CIT (formerly known as eCentral TAFE)!
Here’s an updated flyer:
And here’s the final schedule for the night (with all the links we know you love!):

OPEN (5:30pm)

Round 1 (6:00pm):

  • (TBA), David Tapper (The Broth)
  • Getting Paid For Your Opinion, Tim Colwill
  • Meteorite Games’ Latest Work, Kai Ashford-Hatherly (Meteorite Games)
  • Shape Off, Jon Haywood
  • Perth Game Developer Online Presence: What’s up with it, yo?, Liza Shulyayeva (Techalite)
  • Class 3 Outbreak, Saxon Druce (Binary Space)

Challenge (6:30pm):

  • How would you create a game to promote holidaying in Western Australia?, Quie Ying Morrison (WA Tourism)

BREAK (6:45pm)

Round 2 (7:00pm):

Challenge (7:30pm):

  • Where did you find the fun in your current project?, Garth Pendergrast (Stirfire Studios)

Bonus Round (7:45pm):

CLOSE (8:00pm)

This is a free all-ages event that is open to the public. We like it when people RSVP (particularly on our facebook events page), but it’s not necessary. Just turn up on the night!

A lot of the attendees will likely be heading down to The Royal (a pub just down the street) after the event. Please note that The Royal is a licensed venue.

Upcoming events (May/June 2011)

Just a quick post to let everyone know about some upcoming events.

Obviously, we can’t post about upcoming events without reminding everyone about What’s Up Pitches?!, the second official Let’s Make Games event for 2011 (original announcement here and more information here).

What’s Up Pitches?! will be running next Friday (27 May 2011) at Central Institute of Technology. We’ve had a fantastic response thus far and our speaker line-up is almost full, so get in quick if you want to pitch something!

Aside from our own events, we’ve also been contacted regarding other events that may be of interest to local game developers.

Adam Rogers from Swanson Reed sent through the following information on an R&D Workshop that he is running next Thursday:

Invitation: R&D Tax Credit Technical Workshop
Presented by: Swanson Reed – Specialist R&D Tax Advisors 

Date: Thursday, 26th May 2011
Time: 5:00pm – 5:45pm – Workshop
Time: 5:45pm – 6:30pm – Drinks
Venue: Bentley Technology Park Innovation Centre, 9 De Laeter Way, Bentley

RSVP to:

Adam Rogers 0411178484 or email Adam Rogers

The Workshop will:

• critically assess the treasury’s new proposed definition of R&D
• examine the definition that the courts will likely take for game developers
• illustrate its potential benefits and failings in the software industry

The scope of projects that are eligible for R&D tax concession may be considerably wider than you are aware. Accessing these concessions is often considered too complicated by small to medium enterprises to be worth their while however, the benefits are real and quite simply amount to money in the bank.

It is still not too late to access the R&D concessions for the year ended 30 June 2010. Even if you have already lodged your 2010 return, as long as you have registered with AusIndustry before 30 April 2011, you could still be eligible for a rebate or refund of tax.

Martin Masek put the word out on the PIGMI mailing list about the 2011 ECU Games Festival, which should be a great opportunity for companies to meet potential future employees, and for prospective students to see what the Edith Cowan University game courses have to offer:

Hi everyone!

We would like to invite you to the 2011 ECU Games Festival, where students will be demonstrating their work in game development units.

The event will take place on Wednesday 1st June 2011, 2:30 to 4:30PM in the Games & Simulation lab, Building 13, Room 225, Mount Lawley, ECU.

Look forward to seeing you there!


Know about any other events that may be of interest to local game developers? Please contact us and let us know!

We’ll Tell You What’s Up!

What’s Up Pitches?! is coming up quickly next Friday (27th May)! Be sure to RSVP at our Facebook event page or comment directly to this blogpost.


We have received an excellent response to our call out for presentations already, with a wide range of topics being pitched – from games journalism to managing your web presence to local indie releases. Spaces are becoming limited, so if you are interested in making a presentation, be sure to RSVP and provide the details outlined in Nick’s comment.

We have two special guests for What’s Up Pitches: Garth Pendergrast from Stirfire Studios and Quie Ying Morrison from WA Tourism. They each have provided a challenge question for us to discuss on the night. We will open up the floor for people to provide 1 minute lightning talks throughout the night to answer these challenges. So if you don’t want to do a full presentation but still want to participate, this is for you!

Garth will be posing the question:

Where did you find the fun in your current project?

And Quie Ying will be challenging us to:

How would you create a game to promote holidaying in Western Australia?

Our guests will provide more details to their challenges at the event, and anyone from the audience will have a chance to get up and give a minute’s talk to reply to the challenge. We will also provide some discussion points to get the creative juices running and everyone chatting.

Make sure you don’t miss this informative night of ideas and fast talking!

Photo credit: Lauren Mitchell

What’s Up Pitches?!

Update: All standard presentation spots are now taken (although there are challenge spots still available), and there have been some minor changes to the schedule.

For the latest information see this blog post.

Do you have a burning hot concept that you just need to tell everyone about? Have you been head-down for six months and are ready to show off your hard work? Need to find an artist or programmer for your masterpiece?

Now’s the time to pitch it to us!

What’s Up Pitches?! is a Let’s Make Games micro-pitching event being held at Central Institute of Technology on Friday, 27th May. Bring your 3-minute pitch about your game-related project or topic, participate in interactive activities, or come and listen to see what developers in the local industry are thinking and working on.

Flyer (click for larger version):

If you are interested in presenting a 3-minute micro-pitch, please respond to this post, to the Facebook event, to the PIGMI mailing list thread, or use our Contact page.


  • Time/Date: 5:30pm – 8:00pm, Friday 27th May 2011
  • Location: Central Institute of Technology, East Perth (140 Royal Street, formerly known as eCentral TAFE)
  • Schedule: Registration from 5:30pm, pitches start at 6:00pm!
  • Activities: Micro-pitches, interactive activities, networking
  • RSVP: If you intend to provide a pitch at the event, please RSVP by 20th May.

Some members of Let’s Make Games are already preparing micropitches about their current projects and pet peeves. We also have two special guest speakers (Garth Pendergrast from Stirfire Studios and Quie Ying Morrison from WA Tourism) who will pitch an idea and pose questions on this website for you to respond to with your own pitches!

So, what are you going to pitch?

Flyer photo credit: John Morgan