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Genghiscon indie video games panel

What are you doing this Saturday (15 January 2011)? If you answered “Attending the Genghiscon indie video games panel… obviously!” then you already have a fantastic weekend in store for you. Otherwise, keep reading and update you plans!

What is Genghiscon? Here’s a description from their website:

GenghisCon is a student-priced convention, filled with games, activities, panels, discussions, and workshops covering science fiction, fantasy, roleplaying, board games, and more.

Given the high degree of overlap between indie video game developers and other types of geeks (I refer you to the Venn Diagram of Geekdoms), there will be a lot for game developers to love at Genghiscon. Plus, it’s only $25 for a weekend of education, fun, debate, and solidarity!

Onto the indie video games panel in particular…

Here are the details:

  • Time/Date: 16:00 – 17:00, Saturday 15 January
  • Location: Junior Common Room, St. George’s College, Mounts Bay Road, Crawley

And the list of panellists:

Look at that line-up! There’s sure to be some thoughtful conversation, and you could be a part of it.

Ask Avril about developing a community-driven web-based role-playing game. Ask Chris about how to be hardcore indie. Ask Brad about his fish-smelling game. Ask Scott about running the world’s largest website dedicated to independent game development!

Thanks to Genghiscon for inviting us to help with the indie games panel. 🙂

Chris McCormick joins the family

Let’s Make Games would like to welcome Chris McCormick to our family of dedicated volunteers. With his involvement, we will be able to undertake bigger and better things in 2011! (More on that in future posts.)

Chris is a quintessential indie game developer – having worked on everything from old school games for Gameboy Advance to new school apps for iOS and Android. He has an ongoing labour of love called Infinite8BitPlatformer. Here’s a teaser video:

Chris has been a prominent figure in the local scene for quite some time. He started the Perth Independent Game Makers Initiative (PIGMI) a few years ago (and continues to manage the mailing list). He also served on the original board of the (now inactive) International Game Developer Associations’ (IGDA) Perth Chapter.

He’s very passionate about open source software, as evident by the list of software he has developed and released for free on this website. (Ask him what he thinks about Apple or Microsoft sometime… but make sure that you’ve got some time to spare.)

Thank you Chris: For your years of dedication to helping independent game development in Perth; and for your ongoing contributions via PIGMI and as part of Let’s Make Games! 😀